the fossil power and fuel industry, as well as their regulatory partners in government, would like to thank you for getting very mad at instead.

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@sofia Everyone knows that only one thing in the world can suck at a time

@nordern no, bitcoin can suck all day, that's not the point. i said plenty of times that i'd love alternatives to take off.

but if it weren't for the aforementioned fuckheads, the problem of proof-of-work would mostly be a problem for the miners an potentially other users of bitcoin. they aren't the one doing the massive CO2 emmissions so many blame them for.

@sofia Now that is a far clearer way to make that point.

Though I wouldn't call them blameless in this. Creating massive new energy consumption out of nowhere is going to an environmental impact, even if it were all 100% renewable.

And it feels rather decadent to do so just to compute numbers that serve no purpose other than to prove they have been calculated.

@nordern yes, as energy consumers miners are co-responsible for the problem if they use fossil energy. the same as all other fossil energy consumers. i should have clarified that.

and again, yes, i don't like proof-of-work either. but how about a currency that is valued for much much productivity a state can leech off it's subjects. state currencies are also wasteful, it's just not typically measured in gigahashes.

@sofia Not quite sure where you are coming from with this one. The leeching of by states has a far more direct equivalent in the transaction fees of bitcoin.

Taxes are redistributed through expenses of the state, whereas energy used in mining is fairly unreclaimable.

@nordern it's not so much about taxes, it's about power. the state making you do things you wouldn't do voluntarily. taxes are part of that, firstly by creating demand for the local state currency above any another, secondly by "buying" goods and services from the subjects using their own money.

the states sovereignty lies in making you do and support things you don't agree with. that's the thing you lose.

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