Finally is revamping the tech behind group chats, this will give a more private e2e chats and the currently missing possibility to remove users from chats. 👏

is adding some bling bling, guess this is not going to change a lot. If you look at some other games the current fame Winner is obvious. Apex had a pretty strong marketed start (remember all this PR Deals?)

Fürst Glühwein this year. Can't go to the Xmas market because our little one is sleeping, instead we prepared at home and watch some tv. ;)

Grmpf ordered a C940 beginning of the week. Shop: 1-2 days. Now received confirmation, 3-5 December earliest. *sigh* 😰

Finally got my family visa for China. Multiple entry one year. Yay.

After a weak Season #3 the Expanse 4 will be on Prime mid December, looking forward to. In my eyes one of the best scifi in past years.

hmm ok, you come back from a China event and the WOW guild has practically disbanded in that time. Ehm, yes. Still a few levels to 60 to make.

One funny thing - Beijing; We went to this tower, just to find that it is still in construction or better to say closed with not ETA. Would be a awesome view, but well, interesting trip even without it.

The store is terrible. Offering Customizations but you can't even select the keyboard layout. And this for a "premium" Yoga device :( I want QWERTY but you can't get that in Europe - only at the US store 👎

Good thing, this time my suitcase wasn't totally lost - just arrived 2 days later.

Why always I fly with it ends in a mess. +1h delay, need to run my lungs out to the transfer flight. Finally arrived in the destination my suitcase is still in CDG...

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