Customer: We don'T need that server anymore you can cancel it.
Me: Deletes is deleted there is NO Recovery!
Customer: Sure, don't worry we are aware, nothing there is needed anymore. Old stuff.
Me: Ok will be Deleted on 1 Feb
2 Weeks later, customer: Can you recover it?

Congratulations to for the big leap to v20. Not quite sure where this big step sudednly came from but never mind 😅 Still my most used windows SSH and Serial Terminal. Keep up the Improvements.

Drove to the city center to buy one specific thing, bought a lot of stuff, back home realizing we forgot to buy the thing why we actually drove to the city

Rly seriously asked a mother with a 14 month old child and 3 Suitcases to take a train in the middle of the night with 2 station changes, arriving at 2am because the flight was canceled.... fuck off 🤬

It is so fuckedup... my poor wife. After already >20h travel she now stuck in because canceled LH088 ... that they told her after 2h waiting on the gate. Great. Let's see how this will end up.

Soon family reunion ;) luckily the flight back wasn't scraped. They are so happy to get out of all that bs happening there right now. They spent the last two weeks completely in the apartment. Boring but necessary, happy to have them back soon.

Btw why can't you just add the IPv4 an IPv6 Addresse of the resolvers on the main page. Obvious it is but for people new to the service it's most time not so obvious. Just a BIG ",, 2620:fe::fe, 2620:fe::9" on the start page.

I hate mongoDB.... when whill ubiquity finally move away from it. Keeping it's dependencies up2date is a pain in the Ass if you do not want to run stoneage kernels.

Internet in Venues, it's 2020 and they still ask high 5 digit figures for a line below 500M... So retarded. Worst thing, you don't have a chance to avoid paying that Ransom Fee because of course "Exclusive" 🤬

Cleaning up the apartment, only 3 days until my wife and daughter coming back - yay! Hopefully the Airline didn't change their mind, to much shit going on in china currently.

Hmm interesting what happening with all this announcements. I know the biggest one is still, I do understand why huawei or chinese companys hesitate. But LG, common - rly?

WSL2 is a huge improvement over WSL1 - using a kernel based background Virtualization instead of a emulation. Now also tools like tcpdump / mtr / bind can run in native mode. 👍

Looks like don't like new customers. Only way to get a quote is a non functional web form throwing random errors and trackers as hell - no email on the webpage. So guess will go for an other product then.

It shows how disinformation on the part of the government in no way contributes to less panic. What's going on in Chinese social media right now is pure panic-mongering with lots of misinformation.

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