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Trinkspiel für Nerds: Diffie-Hellman-Saufen. Tippt 'openssl dhparam -out /etc/ssl/private/dhp-32768.pem 32768' ins Terminal und jedes Mal, wenn ein Plus erscheint, muss die oder der nächste im Uhrzeigersinn einen Kurzen trinken. 😈

Service Tweet to all who may have still chars in their Account - Due to Discontinued service by blizzard you need to act or lose your account - transfer to steam or xbox until 1st Oct!


Wtf just suddenly from yesterday to today my win10 refuse any FTDI console cable... That's bad. "connection not possible" no further details. USB device and vendor ID is fine so not the 0 FTDI bug. Damn....

Mandatory thing if you fly international. I hate this times...

That's one if a reason why DSL and Broadband Cable sucks... FTTH for everybody pls!

"An entire village lost its broadband at the same time every day for 18 months. Now we know why!"


Yay, first offline event since corona outbreak again. Hello hotel. Hello Berlin.

We produced a small video for the city of Quedlinburg with their historic heritage buildings. Didn't knew the city before, nice medieval feeling there.

Watch "Quedlinburg hoch hinaus – eine einzigartige Entdeckungsreise" on YouTube

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Unbezahlte Freiwillige versuchen Abhilfe zu schaffen, indem sie die Meldungen automatisiert einsammeln und fachgerecht per #RSS-Feed und im #Fediverse bereitstellen: meta.prepedia.org/wiki/FediNIN


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Mother in law is still here on visit, Visa is alrdy expired, exception periode end 30 Sept. Flight back was in July, Airline move and move ticket, still saying “no seats” even it is fully booked. Government say: Not our problem she need to leave. Taxi?

Yay, now WiFi 6 with WPA3 at home. Finally the 1gig WAN is also useful in my wifi ;)

Got some VoIP phones in a reboot loop. "LLDP change required, reboot" can you spot the issue? Small Number make the Difference :)

🇩🇪Behörden Spaß in und mit der Republik... Konsulat verweist auf zentrale Ausländerbehörte, die verweisen auf das Land das wiederum verweist an das lokale Ausländeramt der Stadt, dort hat man keine Ahnung und zeigt zurück zur zentralen Behörde. läuft...👍

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