Enjoying to be done with the Setup. Tomorrow the actual "event" starts and important ppl from all around the world arrive.

More fibers... But nearly done with the event network.

Really nice here. After work having a small walk around the Areal.

Having an event like the G7 summit is a great experience. But Network wise it's not much different of other bug events. A lot of encryption and "magical black boxes" though. ;)

If it wasn't for work, I actually could spend my holiday here.

Long time to trial this ;) Ride to Munich and from there to Garmisch to Krün. Not much mor "South" of Germany left.

Working via SSH on a swtichconf remotely in Train is challenging. But this works: 5G + Train Wifi bonded via Speedify than a mosh connection to a SSH Server online and from there a tmux to my remote site. yay ;)

The current project is very exciting, but on the other hand equally exhausting. But the good thing about all real events is that the last "sprint" has a very real deadline. :=

ok, getting used to nftables. If you once forget what you learned for iptables it's pretty nice :)

Gn8 Cologne, next event incoming this time not so far from home.

ok to add on this, it was not due to a "App" or old "Auth" it was a Real Login from a random Comcase IP in US. So there must be a way around Facebooks 2FA mechanism, wich is a bit disturbing.

ok Facebook is really the worst. Today I got some Terror Propaganda posted on my profile, even though I had enabled 2 Factor Auth. It is incredible hard to contact anybody at FB. Luckily I do not use my account active (1/2)

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