Spent nearly the whole day outside walking and playing near the lake. My little one fel a sleep like a stone at 6:30pm already what is a very unusual thing :)

Last days I wrote about my little windows DHCP Monitor Tool, I just cleaned it up and put it ready to download in my blog. Feel free to use if it is in any help. More about it: tcpip.wtf/en/windows-dhcp-info

Always hated the lack of information in Windows regarding DHCP Client compared to Linux "dhcpc -v" so wrote my own small little windows DHCP Info cli tool. No need to wireshark everytime. - public download after testing.

Finally get used to the new Windows Terminal, starting to love it. you can now add custom hls Shaders to the output rendering. Welcome glowy Terminal :)

Put the Script I mentioned yesterday in my blog. Showing the Internet Line Status based on DNS Lookups and Pings on the Ring Color LED of my NUC at home.


Made a little script to display the current "Quality" of my Internet Connection throught the color of my NUC LED.

Tiny 4xSFP+ switch managed. Never tried this one but for the needed purpose ideal value for money.

handy function, using for a PHP Event page to only allow event visitors from local Event /20. Last used on Dreamhack.

Interesting Project to create the perfect Sourdough for your DIY Bread ^^ Wish had some more time to build it:


Wondered myself why after switching to a separate VoIP VLAN the phone isn't working anymore... Guess what 😅 It's always...

If you work with notes / and Windows I can highly recommend @Typora@twitter.com - tried a lot, for me the best lightweight MD Editor in Windows. typora.io

Testing Aruba instant on equipment. Maybe a good alternative to small sites like elementary schools with just a few (<20) access points.

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