I do love dualSIM mobiles ;) Telekom? Vodafone? Nahhh... Both! 😉

Finally on the way to the airport. 3 weeks of is enough for this year ;)

nowadays nothing compared on how it all started. I'm now doing this for nearly 20yrs still not getting tired. 💪 ift.tt/2VBTGzX

Ok this was a unusual but effective alarm clock. Hotel fire alarm went off this morning. Luckily a false. 🔥👨🏻‍🚒

This evening some bento 🍱 tomorrow first re-setup in the evening. Half time here already passed. Lfw next week. Today was a "epic" day but a little frustrating.

Enough fibers done. Ready to roll. The most awesome gaming stage I had so far. Can't wait for the weekend to see it in action.

Sunny day, up to katowice. Hope the temperature won't drop like last year.

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