yay, network new office done. Today implemented arp protection and dynamic IP-DHCP lockdown.

Hey, I have two Crunchyroll 48h guest passes to spare. Someone on a fairly long trip and looking for some decent anime? Need or Greed?

Who can recognize some of these former players? 2014 SanFrancisco GrandFinal. Some of them are still active in today, but no longer as players.

While moving to the new office lil teemo broke his leg 😢 give him a treatment today 1st todo point. 😁

Done @ in Düsseldorf. Nice Final in LoL pitty SK, they made the last minutes exciting!

Finished a build of two easy to transport firewall setup for smaller events. 😁

I do love dualSIM mobiles ;) Telekom? Vodafone? Nahhh... Both! 😉

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