Thanks to the 🇪🇺 EU bug Bounty program a new release of Putty was published. First update since years.

First weekend with some spare time since weeks. My little daughter just went to sleep so I can try out The Division 2 :)

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Weil die gute CDU ja so hübsche Schilder die ganze Zeit postet, habe ich auch mal eins gemacht. CC0 versteht sich.

@uint8_t yeah that's right. Luckily trains now have WiFi 🙄, sometimes it's working too. 😂

I do love dualSIM mobiles ;) Telekom? Vodafone? Nahhh... Both! 😉

Finally on the way to the airport. 3 weeks of is enough for this year ;)

nowadays nothing compared on how it all started. I'm now doing this for nearly 20yrs still not getting tired. 💪

Good morning final day about to start. Already preparing for a longer dismantling night. 😢

Serious hotel service at the breakfast today, don't stand up or your plates are gone in 5s. 😭

Ok this was a unusual but effective alarm clock. Hotel fire alarm went off this morning. Luckily a false. 🔥👨🏻‍🚒

@arl viele sehen das Netzwerk auf einem Event oft noch als beiwerk ohne wirklich Beachtung zu schenken. Ich mach den Kram nun schon seit 18 Jahren und langsam kommt in die Köpfe der Leute das es manchmal mehr als paar 10€ switches braucht.

@Svenauskr also das Essen hier in Polen ist erste Sahne 💪

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