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I do love the event, my fav event. Now here for the 4th time in a row. Looking forward seeing the awesome crowd. 👍🏻

Sunny day, up to katowice. Hope the temperature won't drop like last year.

I wonder if one simply can buy a Arris TM3402 E-MTA somewhere in Europe?

To early, already head to the airport at 6am 😭 luckily the awaited plane was in time, no long wait. Already back home 😁

😺LOL I was going into the kitchen for about 15min. Came back noticing my cat fall into deep sleep on my mouse pad. ;)

Frustrating; coming back from an event, home Internet broken, dishwasher broken and no coffee beans left at home. 😢

is finally over, still tired but back in the Office; now the sorting an unpacking can start. It was amazing to see how the fans enjoyed the Event. 😀

Working space of hell. Looks like a info point, everybody ask questions. Moving soon ;)

Ok Hotel. Breakfast start 6:00 now it's 6:22 still not opened. 😪

One week working in paris, will be a unique experience. 99% of the venue staff do not speak english and my French is not existing too 😭

Seems some ppl like my Wifi this week :)

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