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Another downside, coming home to a 33 Degree celsius hot Apartment .... damn it.

Back home after a long family weekend. Unfortunately need to leave my 2 girls behind, staying for 2 Weeks at my Parents Home. Event incoming. I rly love doing IT events, but this makes everything a bit harder now.

Thanks Mozilla for the new Firefox Update. Browsing Improvement for good.

Sometimes the Cloud brings frustration. SIP with RTPS over a double NAT without alg... Just fucked...

yay, network new office done. Today implemented arp protection and dynamic IP-DHCP lockdown.

Steinzeit. Gewerbeummledung, nur nach Vorsprache möglich. Termin bitte telefonisch vereinbaren nur ist telefonisch seit tagen niemand erreichbar und auf Mails wird nicht reagiert... Online, fehlanzeige. Man hat ja sonst nix zu tun... 👍

Fancy 'The new Windows Terminal' lfw for it. Never thought one day seeing a Hip ad like that for 'a terminal' 🤔😁

Hey, I have two Crunchyroll 48h guest passes to spare. Someone on a fairly long trip and looking for some decent anime? Need or Greed?

Successfully replaced the fan of my laptop. That's the disadvantage when you are constantly working in the less accessible places.

Ok, Netflix new price model now also with us. As a person only watching time to time when I have the opportunity this is to much. 160eur a year, I can buy a lot of pay per view VODs for that. a cheap limited hours/month model would be appreciated 😢

Yay, finished my TAX declaration. I hate it every Year, again, again and again...

Well wrote Article with Hands-On about the wide spread JPEG compression. Nice read!

Ever heard of a bloom filter? 1% accuracy trade off in exchange of 500% smaller pwned database.

Good read:

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