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When a random guy in the neighborhood have his Amazon fire stick open for everybody. Couldn't hold back to add some videos ;)

What a Week. 22 to 39 Degree C. Glad the hottest part seems over.

Damn cannot sleep anymore. Already woke up at 6am, doing some emails now 😭

A good read about major companies behind most public "private VPN" - 97 VPNs Run by 23 Companies

Hat jemand eine Empfehlung für einen 4k 60fps fähigen Mini computer ähnlich Pi mit Augenmerk auf kostengünstig? Pi4 soll wohl angeblich 60fps nur bei h265 schaffen?!

Finally a new travel router for me. Gl.inet 750S-ext Slate 65mbit VPN throughput, yay ;)

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