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A little torn back and forth, a full-fledged laptop like the Razer blade 15 or rather a highly mobile solution like the Surface Pro 7. Hmm hmm hmm what will it be next?

Hmmm, flight to PEK is going on Friday but my passport still stuck in the shipping. Will be tight this time, also friday is a pub holliday. So no passport tomorrow, no fly friday :( *sigh*

My Cable modem seems to have a weakness for abstract art. :)

Instead of buying a new cellphone I decided to try to repair my MATE10 - worked, bought the replacement parts used on ebay for about 20€, took me about 30 min to get it working again. Still a great phone. No need for the newest of the newest. Maybe next year

But now first heading with my dauther to the city to get some sushi or 🍜 🍥 ;)

I really enjoy my 1gig lone at home, but currently it's far off from good. Every second day packet loss, random disconnects or not closing states. technicians are not a great help either, because problems are not all the time nobody like to invest time to debug ;(

Today I wasted about 2h debugging my Homenet to get IPv6 without SLAAC to work. (having full dual stack) Just to figured out that my stupid 24 Port Netgear Switch is dropping all Router Advertisement. Piece of Sh** so much love for Netgear....

OK that's it for planned Gaming this evening...
"Packets: Sent = 32, Received = 23, Lost = 9 (28% loss)"

20-50% Packetloss atm, of course before the public holiday tomorrow.

Ich versteh es einfach nicht wie man im Jahr 2019 immer noch solche dummen Passwort Kriterien festlegt. Die Passwörter werden doch sowieso gehashed. Wieso also keine Sonderzeichen und nur 10 Zeichen?

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Aber kennt ihr vielleicht Drittanbieter-Lösungen, mit denen man über PSD 2 Überweisungen machen kann, die für mich barrierefrei bedient werden können? #RT

Today some network for the local high-school in Bochum city. Tech meets 150yr old building.

My dearest wige colleagues... Why the heck a audio control wifi need to be VHT80? All your bands belong to us? 😒

Hmm my poor Mate 10 Pro is starting to break. Hope it still can last until Oktober when the Mate 30 Pro arrives. So far the most awesome Phone I had. Also first Phone I kept 3yrs than.

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