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Whow what a transfer. Our Lufthansa flight to MUC was so late that we nearly missed the connection to shanghai. Alone its one thing but with the family everything takes longer. Unlocked: last person boarding the plane. 😂

Yay finally I got a working Alipay account bound to my 🇪🇺 credit card.

Ok this is what 5300mAh looks. A bit impressed by this Mi Note 10. Heavy compared to the mate 10 but getting used to it.

Packing the Suitecases for xmas, spending some days at home with the family, then heading to the Airport end of the Week to fly to PVG to visit the rest of the Family. Small word this is.

How bad can be a Banks implementation? At my Bank I'm currently not 'allowed' to get a new Phone without completely reauthing my Bank Accounts. Even the TAN Gen in still valid and active. 1h in the phone queue now. Cheers

Totally forgot about the time it cost to setup a new android as you like. Specially when you first switch the brand since 5 years.

New mobile 📱 sorry Huawei but my fav. Mate 30 pro was a bit to high at the price tag. This will do for the next months

Good read for the obvious. Unfortunately not everybody is aware and feel shocked now somebody point it out more visual appealing.

I really hate it - Shops stating "Next Day Delivery, german storage" than u order on saturday and Thursday you got a update "Parcel has been shipped, Delivery next week Wednesday"

Last event of the year, Winter ESLM. Year passed so damn quickly, only 10 days to Xmas.

Finally is revamping the tech behind group chats, this will give a more private e2e chats and the currently missing possibility to remove users from chats. 👏

is adding some bling bling, guess this is not going to change a lot. If you look at some other games the current fame Winner is obvious. Apex had a pretty strong marketed start (remember all this PR Deals?)

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