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Things you dont need. One month not at home, coming home noticing Provider seems to have changed something - no IPv6 SLAAC anymore only receive one single /128 WTF Im not going to NAT IPv6🤢 gimme back my /59

After one month in Asia, first thing a decent German Brot for breakfast. 😅🙏

Wenigstens bin ich jetzt nach 22h unterwegs wieder wach ;)

ÖPNV Live, man hetzt sich ab um pünktlich an Gleis 1 seinen Zug zu bekommen, vor Ort natürlich alle Rolltreppen und Aufzüge in Wartung. Schleppen. Unten angekommen auf der Anzeige "heute Gleis 5" hetzen zur 5 um festzustellen das besagter Zug gerade auf 1 einfährt... Verpasst 😭

Yay, find the way from T1B to T1A here are more shops and restaurants I'm not dying starving 😅

In the plane cached some sleep, that moment when you wake up and realize still 9h flight 🤪😵

Whow 9,80 € für ein stilles Wasser und ein Brötchen mit einer Scheibe gauda. Ich glaub ich geh wieder ins Ausland.

Ok was a good decision to head to the airport early. Traveling during 🇨🇳 new-year time is a bit adventurous ;) longest queue I ever seen on a airport. Lucky me prepared something to read and enough time.

Heading to the airport, was a nice month in 🇨🇳 my wife and daughter still stays after spring festival. But spring festival most things are closed anyway so not so interesting for me.

So much for DIDI English app advertisement: same prices. After several weeks in shanghai and my wife using the chinese didi version with Chinese credit card vs me English didi with 🇪🇺 cc. The 🇨🇳 didi ride is nearly always about 10 to 20% cheaper. 😭

That's exactly what I talked earlier about, a road to a community totally blocked because of abusing scooter drivers. That's why you see so little baby strollers in 🇨🇳, if you are alone u r lost or need to take a detour. Imaging worse you're bound to a wheelchair ♿ 😭

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