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Not a clear one, but hey this was before the Smartphone Camera was on our side :) One of the guys in the row. Bosnia and Herzegovina, man I'm old ^.^

New Blog-post: today I learned.... xinetd rampage. "pfsense readjusting service" don't fall the same mistake ;)

What a huge BS, all big events until end of August for forbidden. This was to expect, but not a single word of how event companies are going to solve this sh*t :( expected more info from 😭😭😭

Corona give us the chance to do Things we did before on request now as a regular product. So if you need some nice action drone footage for your company/brand/whatever have a look:

Whow, in case you don't noticed it - that whole Racist thing going on in china totally exploded during corona. Beeing a foreigner in China currently (excl. the top 3 cities) seems the worse. Maybe as a german I see this very critical but it seems more then just bad.

If you need some drone footage for your next project, we can also do that :)

Our customer rpunktmedia has produced a multi-part action-packed Supermoto 🏍 Challenge with influencers. 🔥 We used race drones 🚀 to provide aerial tracking:

The Issuing Process of Personal Certificates is the worst UX I seen in centuries. Their System including ticket system seems to be stuck 10 Years ago. "Please use MSIE 11" *sigh* Can't recommend them.

ok, this shows the whole mess with meetings. It's now officially on script kiddy niveu to join a random "private" meeting. So if you use Zoom be sure not to have sensitive topics, who knows who is listening.

- confirmed 480p at 1Mbit. 🤮 Internet line is with 920Mbit speedtest fine :)

Ok that is the first time after this announced Netflix stream quality reduction I actually have it. This looks like 480p. On my 65" that's bit enjoyable at all. :(

Using the time we can't go out to upgrade all my things at home ^.^

Websites offering "the best Product in the World" but don't give you any Idea of the Price Structure. "Please schedule a demo or callback" - No matter how good your Product may be - I will probably not consider it.

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