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Last week I had a site inspection, found they took it serious and grounded the Fiber Patch Panels :) Well, better save than sorry 🤪

The stupidity of ppl. if they could just keep theair A* inside for some weeks the whole corona F* would be over soon. But no we nee go back to "normality" f*ck it...

I don't understand that "Detailed Package Tracking" 2h ago it said "Driver have 5 stops in front of you" now it says "Driver have 8 stops in front of you" 🙄

If you have a System like or online, have a look at my recent blog post. I put public the result of som 5060/udp Honeypots I run on my servers.

Two weeks ago I put online some SIP 5060/udp honeypots replying with valid SIP Messages. Just in those few day's the Blacklist grown to about 250 entries. Will make it public for usage in Firewalls to who ever might be interested.

No, I don't want to open that tcpdump in Photo ^.^ Thank you Affinity Photo for Asking :)

I actually really do like I use it as my daily driver, it is important to have a broader choice not just one browser on the market. But really recently it give me headaches. Sometimes damn long TTFB while same site in chrome is <50ms FF need 2 Seconds. 😒

This damn Corona - I'm used to travel, attending Events, one month here another one there - I don't like the current new Normality. This is Jan - Dec of my 2019. 2020 after February totally changed everything. 😰

WTF; Found a old Picture from the last decade of me at GIGA-TV - save your lough. long long ago 😁😅 That old Düsseldorf Garage Studio :)

Many games nowadays have such a toxic community, really sometimes losing fun to play at all. I don't get the point what is it or better why like ppl talk like that to each other? Isn't a game actually there to enjoy? 😫

After more than 20 years I dared to give my private domain a change, bye, Hello; Yes, rly. 😺

Welcome and Hello next LTS Release, Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa

Oh "Happy" Corona Days. Finally finished my distributed SIP honeypot used to block incoming SIP requests on our PBX. Those timings, looks like even bruteforcers go for lunch :)

Python.... v2 or v3 or both but depends on package in v2 but uses v3 calls and v2 Libs but those are deprecated and suddenly all the calls got renamed. WTF could 2 just die please?

Not a clear one, but hey this was before the Smartphone Camera was on our side :) One of the guys in the row. Bosnia and Herzegovina, man I'm old ^.^

New Blog-post: today I learned.... xinetd rampage. "pfsense readjusting service" don't fall the same mistake ;)

What a huge BS, all big events until end of August for forbidden. This was to expect, but not a single word of how event companies are going to solve this sh*t :( expected more info from 😭😭😭

Corona give us the chance to do Things we did before on request now as a regular product. So if you need some nice action drone footage for your company/brand/whatever have a look:

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