Did I ever tell you how awesome OsmAnd is? Offline maps, responsive search, public transit lines with all their stops, markers, easy route planning, ...

If someone is not satisfied with the OsmAnd+ map, or if you find an error: It's #opendata

Go to and correct it. After a short time, OsmAnd+ shows the corrected map.

@sophie the search function could be expanded a bit, with similar names or minimal spelling errors, this unfortunately comes to its limits :/

Otherwise one of the best and most used (F-Droid) apps on my phone!

Osmand can show you the photo material from Mapillary.
Tbh the material can not compete with Google maps, but I didn't miss it yet ... and everybody is welcome to contribute to improve the photo database :-)


@tootpaste @sophie I seem to be having an issue with Mapillary, I used to have the plug in, now it's discontinued. I downloaded the recommended replacement Mapillary app, but still can't get it to work. I'm sure it's my user error or I don't quite understand yet how they work together.

as far as I remember you just have to open "Menu>Extensions" and activate Mapillary. No download of extra plugins/addons/apps.

@tootpaste @Big_Diggity @sophie Beyond the photos, I actually get the impression OSM has now more info + POIs in the overlays than gmaps - mostly the non-commercial places which I'm often interested in. And the option to download the offline wikipedia sections is just pure gold...


I also like using #OSMand, especially for walking excursions. But although I contribute my monthly fee, I don't want to hide the fact that I find that others do it better in terms of speed of map construction (e.g. #MagicEarth or #OrganicMaps - both also OSM).

@ClemensG map construction in the sense of "rendering the map"?
Yeah it's a pure CPU game making for a completely different experience depending on phone.

@saxnot @sophie

My english language is poor, so I use #DeepL for translating. "Map construction" mean "map rendering", you understand it well.

The rendereing of other #OSM-based apps like #MagicEarth and #OrganicMaps is realy faster than the rendering of #OSMand.

@sophie Responsive search? Not really. I love OSMand and use it exclusively. Wonderful tool. But the search function sucks. All my relatives like Osmand, but nobody uses it because they cant find the places they want to go. You have to think specifically how to find places.

@sophie Fully agreed. Just recently realized that non-fdroid users actually have a limit on number of maps to download, strage approach ihmo - the google store version thus puts extra pain on users, pushing them back to google maps again, or what?

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