Our IRC and Matrix channels are now bridged! Feel free to join the discussion:

- IRC: on Freenode
- Matrix: :matrix.coredump.ch

We are happy to announce that we released v14 of the SpaceAPI schema a few days ago! 🚀 An updated example and v14 docs are on the website: spaceapi.io

Note that it's possible to support both v0.13 and v14, see the migration guide at github.com/SpaceApi/schema/blo

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Is there an open source web-based tool similar to Tweetdeck that can post to both Twitter and Mastodon? Asking for @spaceapi. Re-toots welcome! #followerpower

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We have some brand new SpaceAPI stickers for all your sticker needs! Grab some from @gidsi at . Logo design credits to @blinry.

Hello fediverse, we're on Mastodon now!

Quick summary:

- Our website is available at spaceapi.net/, but is in the process of being reworked, so please bear with us
- Adding your space to the directory: spaceapi.fixme.ch/
- GitHub (core): github.com/spaceapi/
- GitHub (community projects): github.com/spaceapi-community/

If you have any questions, feel free to drop by via IRC at on Freenode!


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