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About us

If you haven't already, please familiarize yourself with the basics here:

We're a traumagenic system. That means some things went horribly wrong in our childhood but don't worry, we're not talking about that much (and definitely not without a CW). The situation today is that there's a handful of people sharing this brain and body, a bit like a shared flat.

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S. Hello world! I'm Sani. I'm one of the nice people sharing this brain and body of ours. If you see a message starting with "S." (like this one), you know it's me writing.

My pronouns are she/her. While I consider myself to be a girl, that's not the case for everyone of us. If in doubt, they/them works just fine for me and the others.

You wanna know more about me? Don't worry, I got you. Read the whole thread ⬇️ or don't, it's up to you

Subscribe to my IPv6 multicast group where I livestream the raw contents of my local /dev/zero

Attention! Sector C science personnel! Evacuate area immediately!

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Attention! Security personnel to Sector C immediately!

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I never thought I'd see a resonance cascade, let alone create one.

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(Loading screen followed by all caps text in the center of the screen)


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Welcome to the H.E.V. Mark IV protective system for use in hazardous environment conditions.

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Due to the high toxicity routinely handled in the Black Mesa compound, no smoking, eating or drinking are permitted within the Black Mesa Transit System.

Random shenanigans 

Humidity is immeasurable due to the lack of a measuring device.

Poll about transgender and deadnames 

One does not ask a trans person what their deadname is.

Is stable enough for every day use? Are there alternatives you'd recommend for a/v calls (with screen share) instead? End to end encryption strongly desired, FLOSS is a must.

chores, being productive 

Just cleaned the bathroom. Now that I'm in the flow, would you like me to come over and clean yours, too?

(Mike) Look, girl, I trust you. Just make sure you do your homework and evaluate your options before you do something drastic. There's more than just you to consider. Keep that in mind.
(Sani) You have access to my thoughts, convince yourself.
(Mike) Just making sure.
(Sani) You know—
(Mike) I know you're not gonna get us on HRT any time soon. You're alright, I trust you. It's just... It's too much too quickly.
(Sani) I know, right? Everything is going so fast...
(Mike) We got this.
(Sani) <3

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(Sani) I saw a girl in a beautiful skirt.
(Mike) Don't even think about it.
(Sani) Too late, thinking is in progress...
(Mike) Forget about it.
(Sani) You know me. You know I won't.
(Mike) Do I? I'm not sure anymore.
(Sani) Just wait for the nail polish, that's the first step ;)
(Mike) I'm not sure I like where this is going.
(Sani) That's the point.

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(Sani) Imagine being a girl...
(Mike) 👀
(Sani) 🙄 let a girl dream

Huge stacks of footnotes in the document I'm writing, probably should look for a more elegant solution.

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Cookies? Cookies! The cheap ones, but Cookies! 🍪🍪🍪

Doing a code review at work. I'm referencing lecture slides from uni that explain a problem I found. Am I doing this right?

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