I just bumped my instance to 0.20.1. I'm now facing some issues that the cover-images get loaded with a wrong port number (my nginx-setup is somewhat special…). However, serving music and static content works as expected. Any hints what goes wrong and what I could configure to fix it? @funkwhale

@sqozz Sounds a bit like dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/, Funkwhale is extremely picky when it comes to X-Forwarded-{Host,Proto,Port} headers.

We've pushed a fix for that on the develop branch, so if you don't mind a little instability/bugs you can use this branch (instructions at docs.funkwhale.audio/installat). You'll also get an earlier access to other enhancements and features ;)

Another option is to hardcode the X-Forwarded-Host and X-Forwarded-{Host,Proto,Port} headers in your nginx configuration (the nginx the closest to Funkwhale if you have multiple nested proxies).

Something like:

X-Forwarded-Host your.domain
X-Forwarded-Proto https
X-Forwarded-Port 443

@funkwhale Thanks for this helpful explanation, it really helped me a lot. Today I debugged this further and finally fixed it. I realized that this was caused by the `$server_port` part in X-Forwarded-Host and -Port: dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/. Even though I made use of `real_ip_header proxy_protocol`it seems that nginx doesn't rewrite the $server_port variable with this (just the client address). After replacing the var with 443 and everything worked again.


@funkwhale I wonder if there is any variable actually properly rewritten by the real_ip_header module which could be used instead here. It might would improve Funkwhales ability to be hosted behind complex proxy setups. If I find something, I'll propose a MR :)

@sqozz I have to say, an external look/contribution on this would be really valuable and much appreciated!

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