I wrote a piece on the struggle of maintaining a or a and how I hope to turn things around:

Do you have a personal presence on the ? How do you approach maintaining it? What kind of content do you share? What do you get out of it?

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@stephanmax I am running two blogs, one for my gameboy music project and one for outdoor sports stuff. I'm not very active in writing those but also got no pressure behind it - the music thing is more of a base of operations, and the outdoor thing is a bit like a personal logbook, but public. Whenever I do or think of sth something worth writing about, I do. But it's more of a tool rather than a regularly updated feed.

@triac8bit Nice blogs, you certainly got a new follower as I just started dabbling in Nanoloop after getting my hands on an Analogue Pocket.
"Pressure" is key in my case, really. For some reason having a personal website has always been putting pressure on me. Maybe because of false hopes of turning it into more than it is? I will chew on that one a bit, thanks!

Greetings from a fellow Saxon

@stephanmax Oh interesting! I didn't know that device yet. What kinds of audio output does it have?

@triac8bit It comes with the Nanoloop DAW built-in ( and you can connect it to several devices via USB-C-to-whatever cables. I am very new to all of this, mainly bought it to play some childhood gems and get back into the gameboy dev scene.

@stephanmax wait, what? It already has Nanoloop pre-installed? 😮 Holy shit that's a game changer.
Sorry for being this intrusive but I need more info. What version of Nanoloop is it? From the interface on the website it looks like 2.x

@triac8bit No worries, not intrusive at all. Couple of things:
- Unfortunately, I am traveling at the moment so I cannot check my device. Happy to do so next week, though. Also, the Analogue sub-reddit is usually very helpful.
- Stumbled upon this jam on YT, maybe that helps you:
- Before you get your hopes up too much: The Pocket is quite expensive and orders are probably not fulfilled until 2023 atm. (Global chip shortage hit them hard!)

@stephanmax Yeah I noticed that the shipment schedule aims for 2023.
The jam tells me it's definitely a version around 2.x. That's the version originally designed for Gameboy Advanced. Sadly, the developer is a huge fan of that version, while I much prefer the 1.x versions that run on Gameboy Classic/pocket/colour. But those aren't being developed further.
The soundscape of 1.x is much more rough and lo-fi, while 2.x is more soft and filter-based. I'll post two songs for comparison below

@triac8bit Oh wow! I definitely hear what you mean—v1.x sounds way more like what I always perceived as "chiptune". v2.x not so much. What a shame.
Then again, the Pocket is a pretty "open" platform in the sense that it has a second FPGA core for open development and Analogue does not stand in the way of modding/jailbreaking the device. I could imagine that some nifty hackers will manage to put v1.x on there as well.

@triac8bit Mesmerizing—Love it! Thanks for sharing, bookmarked your bandcamp as well 💚

@triac8bit Any beginner Nanoloop resources I should know about that you can recommend?

@stephanmax I did an introductory workshop on Nanoloop once and still got the powerpoint slides lying around somewhere...aaand here I got an idea for a new entry for the blog haha. I'll put the files in my download section (maybe later today, maybe tomorrow) and let you know asap!

@stephanmax every year I start another attempt at blogging (programming related things). I usually end up fiddling with the setup for a week, then write at most one post and forget about it until the following year 🥳

@anarres Haha, now that’s a modus operandi I can get behind 😅 I’ve been the same for the longest time! Doesn’t feel very fulfilling to me, though...

@stephanmax It is not. But there is not much one can do, I guess. I've read tons of posts on this exact problem and nothing seems to work for me. At least the domain registrar is happy I keep paying, so there's that :)

@stephanmax Thank you for this. Especially the remark with microblogs is really useful, as I often struggle to find a balance between longform and shortform entry, yet I do not want to spam my social media acquaintances with every brainfart I have. Also, obsidian was a great hint. If I manage to make that a routine I imagine it might help a lot with getting my thoughts for my longer projects in order. :)

@DiscordianMadness Thanks for reading and joining in on the conversation, I really appreciate that. I hear you—I guess for me long-form, maintained over time musings is the only way out of programming tutorial rot 😅 Glad you checked out Obsidian. It works well for me, because it is so easy to jump in and learn on the go. Just text files after all. I hope it can become a valuable tool for you too!

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