How are you performing backups on your Linux desktops? I've got a ext4 on crypted lvm. Thinking about just using lvm snapshots and exporting full disk images to a server..

@stephrdev restic. Highly recommended. Can do encrypted off-site backups via multiple protocols, including dedup, snapshotmanagement, etc.

@stephrdev I'm using Restic, too. Maybe it's a good idea to create LVM snapshots, then mount them read-only at another mount point, and use restic on that mount point. That way you have incremental backups on file system level + consistency. It's easier to pick single files for recovery then. :-)

@stephrdev I don't need to do full disk backups, so I just use rsync and have it run every hour

@stephrdev I always use rsync to luks ext4 and perform deduplication at file level with a homespun tool. I operate a rotation system involving several backup disks stored in several locations, including a bank safe. A backup that's in the same place as your PC, that's not a backup, it's tempting fate :-)

I'll have a look at restic though.

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