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Can't believe Ibn Battuta called all the Massufa cucks

Oh no it's raining and I gotta go view an apartment in an hour

there are many kinds of spaces.

- inner: your thoughts
- outer: full of stars
- office: PC LOAD LETTER
- cyber: the real world
- cybre: very nice place in the real world
- meat: playground for those who think that cyberspace isn't real
- three: what your teacher told you the world is like
- minkowski: what the world really is like
- semi-riemannian: what the world really, *really* is like
- minkowski: what the world really, *really* is like when you look very closely

contrary to traditional advice it is not necessary to change your gender every few months for security reasons. you can do that of course, but it is also perfectly adequate to choose a complex enough gender once and only change it when compromised

Ah, Red/black, or: I don't like you having creatures

Train company: okay, you have a seat reservation in wagon 6, seat 88
Train: only has wagons 21-29

Ah, the german train system

so how do you reverse a linked list? wrong answers only please

@strangeglyph "Atomizer! You vixen! You'll never get away with this - the gay particle is far too strong for any one enby to control!"

"And 'ow do you know zat, hmm? I am far stronker than any mere mortal, Mx. Raptor. It vas so very easy to seduce you at that casino in Monaco..."

"I know because..." *my sunglasses fall from my face, revealing silvery ticking clock hands around my purple pupils* "We've had this conversation before! Help's on it's way - not that you'll know 30 seconds ago! Callback strikes again!"

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good annotated version of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

boosts welcome

I haven't seen my girlfriend in 5 fucking months, but next Friday she's finally gonna come to Germany and!! I'm just!! so excited!!

5 months was way too fucking long.

Apparently my body enters panic mode over having to ask people to please turn down their music at 2 am. I am so not made for confrontation whew

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