Hey I was sadly too late with accommodation planning for so I have have a ticket to sell. Does anyone know someone that's interested?

can confirm that it not only consistently censors lesbian but also just keeps doing homophobia

can we get it better training data please

Ooof viel zu spät um Hotels für den Kongress gekümmert... Das ist ja unbezahlbar

My chin feels like someone is repeatedly stabbing needles into it

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Wir haben eine Gedenkstätte mit der Asche der Ermordeten Hitlerdeutschlands an dem Ort errichtet, an dem die Konservativen 1933 die Macht leichtfertig in die Hände von Mördern gelegt haben. Nie wieder vergessen!
Alles dazu unter: sucht-uns.de

Would never have thought that one day I'd have to actually argue that China is a totalitarian state and that Uyghur concentration camps are bad

Das Zentrum für politische Schönheit bekommt von mir (schon wieder) den Balls of Steel Award, sowie das deutsche Bürokratie-Krönchen in silber.


What are the technical terms, in your field, for 'dunno'?
In astronomy there's 'unmodelled second order effects'
In medicine there's 'idoeopathic'
In archeology/anthropology there's 'ritual purposes'
How do you professionally term 'we haven't got a clue'?

yknow im doing this anyway boost or fave for the above lukewarm rpg takes

Writing with people on the other side of the globe. It's still an amazing feeling and part of my fascination for communication technologies. What an amazing time to be alive.

Sagen wir mal so: dieses Cybertruck-Dingens polygonisiert die Meinung zumindest stark 🤔

News have reached us of an illegal sanctification of the river Alph, running down to a sunless sea, in Xanadu, where Kublai Khan a stately pleasure dome decreed. Please direct further information to the Curia's emergency report hotline.

At the Battle of Aquila during the War of the Censors, the outmatched forces under Saint Totak grew wings of golden feathers. Thus emboldened Xauatotectl's forces defeated the larger coalition army. This battle proved to be a turning point in the War of the Censors.

In the Year of the Hoof, a drunk artist working on painting the ceilings of the Iilaa Al'abad Mosque found his drink converted into "most splendid paints". Contemplating the ceiling painted with those colors supposedly cures the viewer of ailments of the mind.

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