@rixx since you are pretty vocal about sci-fi I'd love to hear your opinion on that book, if you've read it already.

I just finished "a closed and common orbit" in three days flat, which I think is a record time for me, at least considering the last couple of years. And it further cemented Becky Chambers' position at the top of my contemporary sci-fi authors list. It is really fucking gripping, the worldbuilding is great and she manages to weave in themes of sapiency, neuroatypicalness and dysphoria very naturally. I love it.

Well, since I abandoned my literary account and you'll have to bear with me here, have a look at this comprehensive take on genre stigma against sci-fi (as Ian McEwan recently demonstrated so beautifully): theguardian.com/books/2019/apr

protip: put "#!/usr/bin/vim" at the top of all your text files, to save keystrokes when opening them

Frage: wie voll kriegt man einen IC am Freitag?
Antwort: sehr

Shaved a spherical yak in a vacuum and implemented verlet integration

Spent half a day debugging my secant calculation. Time well spent? Debatable

Ach deswegen bin ich so müde, es ist schon 3 Uhr!

Thoughts about community growth. How do you make sure your communities grow at a sustainable pace? Mostly, I have no idea.


Comments very welcome.

@rixx Du kennst dich doch mit Nikola aus, oder? Weißt du, wie ich Zeilenumbrüche in einen Shortcode reinbekomme?

(Kontext: Ich will Zitate schöner formulieren. Aktuell mit einem Shortcode namens quote:

<div class=quote>
<div class=quote-border></div>
<div class=quote-content>
${ data }

Vielleicht hast du ja eine bessere Idee, wie man das managen könnte?)

Wie viele Leute braucht man wohl, um Brüssel oder Straßburg für ein paar Tage lahmzulegen?

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