The people next to me on the train are effortlessly switching between English, French and Swiss German in the same sentence.

5 bar LTE in the middle of nowhere during a train ride. Culture shock

Django est omnis divisa in partes tres, quarum unam incolunt moduli, aliam visus, tertiam templates, qui exempli gratia DTL aut jinja2 appellantur.

Hab gerade gehört das meine Heimatuni evtl die nächste KIF veranstaltet. Cool! Dann kriege ich ja doch mal eine Mit

Dust now lines what remains of noon. Worms roam the street aimlessly, their eyes cloudly mirrors. The birds have long gone - maybe they migrated to greener pastures, maybe the got lost in a fracture of history. A sole hokey still occupies Pocsind Park, desperately trying to save the flowers. Soon, an end will come to this blind alley of history.

Ohh that trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 has me very excited. I think I have to replay Deus Ex now.

Regionalzüge und laute betrunkene Reisegruppen: nenne ein ikonischeres Duo

Enigma started up again and my :fascination: levels are increasing uncontrollably

Good Omens manages to hit the tone of the books just right

Please please please document your code. No, "makeX() makes an X" is not documentation.

Auf dem Grabstein der Union wird eines Tages wohl stehen, das sie an Influenzer gestorben ist.

Red Flag is so ridiculously edgy (but unironically good)

Currently reviving my teenage rebel phase by listening to Billy Talent

eupol, wahl 

Kurze Erinnerung:


(Das funktioniert auch, wenn ihr eure Wahlbenachrichtigung verlegt hab. Einfach Personalausweis oder Reisepass zum Ausweisen in euer Wahllokal mitnehmen.)

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