Wenn es nach zwei Jahren wieder eine Freude ist einen vollen Fahrradständer auf der Arbeit vorzufinden 🙈

When doing backups is faster via your mobile connection than your landline @resticbackup@twitter.com

Hey, just in case you arn't fond of Twitters new owner: You can also reach via an open and federated platform here: chaos.social/web/@stv0g

lol, next level stock photos?

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THIS is what happens when electric power grid systems are under intense series of sophisticated cyberattacks from the RED TEAMS.⚡️But we have reached the end of ! Good job everybody!👏
🎥Must Post.

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At 20:00 UTC today, the frequency of the synchronous grid of continental Europe dipped down to 49.859Hz.

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GoSƐ is a modern and scalable file-uploader. In a single Go-binary it bundles both front- & backend and requires a S3 storage backend as its only external dependency. Upload resumption and de-dup are a few of its special features.
noteblok.net/2022/04/03/gos%c9 t.co/Mp2H9YBx3b

In case somebody wants to upgrade their home network: I am selling around 10pcs HP InfiniBand FDR/Ethernet 10Gb/40Gb/56Gb 2-port 544+FLR-QSFP NICs with @Toble_Miner 's FlexLOM to PCIe adapters.

These can be used for 56Gb/s point-to-point Ethernet with the proper cables.
With link-aggregation you could have a 100Gbs+ link 😅

Running a hw_server on an embedded device? Not as easy as they only provide x86_64 binaries... So I got a bit creative and ran it via QEMus user-mode emulation inside a Docker container. Surprisingly this works! noteblok.net/2022/02/23/runnin

Oh yes, I am still alive. I got a bit silent here. But this is gonna change now 👋

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Übrigens: Wer Interesse an in hat, sollte morgen um 19 Uhr an unserem Open Data Lab Aachen-Meetup teilnehmen :-)

Wir wollen mal sammeln, was es schon alles gibt und uns natürlich austauschen.

Eintritt frei, Meeting per Zoom.


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Fun fact: if you open this image in full-size, you can't see it anymore.

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Wir heissen Sebastian Neuner willkommen auf unserer virtuellen Bühne zum Thema "Moodle für BW in 72 Stunden"
Danke für diesen spannenden Talk!

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It's true. runs VirtualBox 2.1.0 with VT-x working... and 8 PE x64 on top of it!!!

To make the dream real sooner, we need , especially whose are specialized on the development. Join us here:

Test: Illen


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Extremer Absacker in der . 😳
In dieser Höhe und zu diesem Zeitpunkt ziemlich ungewöhnlich. Eins meiner Messgeräte zeigt sogar 49,74Hz als Minimum an. Ist irgendwo ein großes ausgefallen?

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The Lufthansa Technik Trade Union has called on workers not to service Lukashenka's Boeing 737 aircraft with registration number EW-001PA, which landed on Oct 13, 2020 at Fuhlsbüttel airport. 31 years ago the company had a very similar situation with Ceausescu.

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Ich liebe diesen Cartoon, weil es so schön illustriert, wie viel Platz wir den Autos in unseren Städten opfern und wie absurd das ist

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This is insane. @nvidia@twitter.com just replaced video codecs with a neural network.

We'll all be controlling digital face puppets of ourselves on video calls in the future! 👹


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