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Wow! China Airport face recognition systems to help you check your flight status and find the way to your gate. Note I did not input anything, it accurately identified my full flight information from my face!

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Today I installed the #Manyverse app from #FDroid - it is a social network based on #SecureScuttleButt or rather a mobile frontend for the Secure Scuttlebutt protocol. Many concepts are difficult to grasp, as it's very different from the Fediverse - you don't need a server in the first place. It seems rudimentary but very promising since it can work off the grid, via Bluetooth or local network. There are no URLs for users neither for messages. Reminds of #Briar in many ways.

I disagree. Actually, in order to get a "Windows Ready" certification for a device, Microsoft demands that SecureBoot keys are exchangable. Its just that most devices are shipped with Microsoft keys by default. SecureBoot is well supported by Linux.

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Vielleicht, wäre es ja sinnvoller da direkt bei Mastodon zu klopfen.

@el_joa Danke für den Tipp :) Interessant wäre es ja auch die offiziellen Verspätungsdaten von bahn.de zu crawlen. Leider scheinen die flux.fail Daten nicht wirklich offen zu sein. Auf der Website wird zwar OpenData angepriesen. Downloaden kann man sie aber nicht?

Gibts irgendwo unabhängige Daten zu den Verspätungen der Deutschen Bahn? Ich würde meine nächste Reservierung gerne etwas optimieren.

@Ripley_ Aber klaro :) Hier ist das Token: chaos.family:8008:@1Wc5iBViAUN3/NDBTZKz9IFcDHjThYKTQ2GH9gqRa6Y=.ed25519~ul3TWyHfIQLn6Dw2f0GS1IU+8zUPKl3Dzaf8UVChnqA=

Mich findest du im Scuttleverse unter folgendem Hash: @dArlBpL16fq8eJp49rT/i9+efp5g4qT/XTiFehWYmYY=.ed25519

Meld dich doch einfach mal :p

Wow 😮

"The Ephemeral Rainbows in Crystal Palace in Madrid"

Whats the ***??

"Michal Kosinski, Yilun Wang: Deep Neural Networks Are More Accurate Than Humans at Detecting Sexual Orientation From Facial Images"


See also youtube.com/watch?v=LOulCAz4S0

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Are you an open source software ethical ? We invite you to find vulnerabilities in open source software widely used by the institutions.
The EU programme gives awards of up to €25,000. Check it out europa.eu/!uw89XT

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Let me know if you manage it. Last time Inkscape was failing me and i Bad to return to Adobe Software for this :-(

Ohje ohje, das reshapen meines Software Raids läuft jetzt seit Mittwoch und wird pro Tag ca 800 KB/s langsamer.. Jetzt sind wir nur noch bei 3800 KB/s. Und das obwohl ich schon alle Limits aufgehoben habe.
Stirbt da einer meiner Platten, oder warum wird das immer langsamer?!

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the kids call it precision timing, the worst drug
one moment you wonder where the fuck your ntp server is
next moment you're trying to hack pps into the ublox module, but your ntpd still prefers other sources?
you move onto harder shit, and start baking OCXOs in your shed

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Speaking to a security conference in Munich, Pence tells his audience he brings greetings from President Trump... and not a single person claps.

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@uint8_t its an "Eakins 2k 21MP Cameta" with USB and HDMI. It was included with my microscope. You can find it in Aliexpress

One of my never finished projects: a little weather station for including a Geiger tube and tons of other sensors ^_^

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