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Horst Seehofer und die größte anzunehmende Unbarmherzigkeit. Zehn Länder nehmen 400 Kinder aus auf. Nicht jeweils, sondern insgesamt. Bei über zehntausend Menschen ohne Zuhause. Selten hat mich ein Politiker mehr beschämt.

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5.5-hour total internet blackout in Syria today to combat cheating on high school final exams - a practice that began in 2016.


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Our latest subsea cable, named after the incredible Grace Hopper, is one of the first cables to connect the U.S. & U.K. since 2003, and the first investment by Google in a subsea cable route to Spain → goo.gle/3jLYPCt

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@sgross @stv0g Just my personal Netflix replacement... and for friends and family.. do you want to get access?

Yeaha, my new streaming server is ready: Dell PowerEdge R720XD, 80TB of ZFS storage, 1.5TB NVME, 256GB RAM, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660S which provides me with around 20 simultaneous transcoding streams 😍

Our paper "Distributed Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Using a Grid-Forming Converter as Power Interface" has been just published by MDPI Energies: mdpi.com/1996-1073/13/15/3770

This is the result of a @ERIGrid@twitter.com 1.0 TA exchange between @RWTH@twitter.com @tudelft@twitter.com and DTU Denmark! @antonellomonti@twitter.com

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Moin, Aachener und solche, die es werden wollen! In unserer 3er-WG in Bahnhofs- und FH-Nähe wird im September ein Zimmer frei.

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das schönste am ist doch, dass man ständig seine musik hören kann ohne die bürokollegen zu stören 🎧

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The German Presidency of the @EUCouncil@twitter.com starts next week. A new report exposes corporate - friendly agenda within Germany’s EU decision-making. Will be different or business as usual?


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Our little research network is now half a year old and getting more and more interconnected 😀
Transit: Meerfarbig, he, iFog
IXP: DE-CIX (Fra, Ham, Muc, Dus), EVIX, Kleyrex, LocIX
Peering: DFN, Cloudflare, Apple, Facebook, RIPE RIS, Nato Research

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RGB in the datacenter is real people (cc @vince2_@twitter.com)

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Oh der neue? RRX/RE1 Aachen-Hamm ist ja genial 😀 endlich WLAN im RE.. Da kann die DB nicht mehr mithalten

@ungleich what are the chances to mod a for PoE support?

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