(Glückwunsch an Saska Esken und Norbert Walter Borjans)

how to foretell the weather by the movements of the tree-climbing Burglar Crab, how to navigate across a thousand miles of featureless ocean by means of a piece of string and a small clay model of your grandfather, how to get essential vitamins from the liver of the ferocious Ice Bear, and other such trivial matters. It’s a strange thing that when everyone becomes educated, everyone knows about the pronoun but no one knows about the Sago-sago.
― Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

or how to find the square root of 27.4, and merely knowing childish and useless things like which of the seventy almost identical-looking species of the purple sea snake are the deadly ones, how to treat the poisonous pith of the Sago-sago tree to make a nourishing gruel,

Ignorant: a state of not knowing what a pronoun is

TIL that an observation I made is 52 years old, and is known as Conway's Law:
Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure.

Greta Thunbergs wütende Rede vor der UN-Vollversammlung erinnert mich daran, dass die Grünen vor ihrer völligen Verspießbürgerlichung sich mal ganz ähnlich angehört haben, wie ein Lied der damals populären Volksmusikgruppe "BAP" anlässlich der Friedensdemonstration am 10. Juni 1982 zeigt:

After everything that has happened,
still remains the best analysis why the ostracism of Richard Stallman is a Bad Thing.

The limits of constructivism, and the specific reason why you can't argue with a root shell, are minor details in comparison.

(-80538738812075974)^3 + 80435758145817515^3 + 12602123297335631^3

Ich hab' dann wohl ein Ticket übrig, weil ich da außer Landes bin.

Der Deutsche Bahn Personenverkehr
ist heute mal wieder ganz besonders kapitalmarktfähig.
Wie komm' ich denn jetzt am besten von Berlin Hbf (tief) zum , wenn der ICE 598 dort, insch'Allah, heute noch ankommt?

A @card10badge for a Cardinal in pectore, after reverse engineering the LCD RGB format.

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