Es gibt keinen richtigen Kartoffelsalat im falschen.

8. Wenn dich die bösen Buben locken

Sancta simplicitas!!!

I defaced Philipp Häfliger's office wall at Universitetet i Oslo with graffiti.

In a civilized European airline like KLM,you can get your tea with Existentialism.

Und wieder mal ins zur Zeit nicht so sonnige California.

Clue-By-Four Show more

Flixtrain is rather crowded and the interwebz are horrifically slow.

Btw, if you want to see the talks together with their descriptions and linked to their speakers, you can browse the pretalx mirror, which embeds the talk videos directly from on the talk pages:

TOTALLY missed the New Year over this one Feynman diagram summary of Piketty's book
— decompressing from with Mitch Altman and friends

I generally believe that content warnings are a load of crap by oppressive gatekeeper vogons who want to force their limited world view on everyone else, but for once, a TRIGGER WARNING is appropriate. Show more

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