FYI: if you enable Telegrams "People Nearby" feature, your location can probably be precisely triangulated. The developers don't see this as a problem and don't intend to fix it.

@tauli This is news? You have to opt into it and seems obvious of you turn on a feature specifically designed to give away your location, that it gives away your location. Guess I also missed it?

@BalooUriza Don't know if it's news to you personally, but from the number of boosts the op received, it seems to be relevant for some. So what's your point exactly?

@BalooUriza guess the point is, that other apps that provide the same functionality go to some lengths to blur the location of the other person, but telegram allows for precise triangulation, knows this, and doesn't want to deal with that.

@tauli Right, sure. I'm still not entirely sure how this isn't plainly obvious in the app.

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