me yesterday: I kinda miss London
London today: *police violence against protesters*
me today: nvm

Considering that there is no official RFC for this anymore, I am not partaking in a migration and think of this as some weird community experiment that's essentially forking the Nix ecosystem.
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Flakes are pushing a huge impurity into the Nix ecosystem. Every project that imports the flake compatibility shim does so unpinned and will/might not be reproducible in a few years from now as flakes evolve...

I wish we would go…

When us-east-1 goes down while you're out drinking with Amazonians.

"Jag tar en Bruschetta" - "Vill du ha bröd till maten?" - "Wait what?"

Det svenska ordet "skön" har en helt unik betydning som inte alls fångas upp av översättningarna som Google Translate etc. leverar.

Petition to let the people drink the cursed street slushy.
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Huge sinkhole with a glowing green liquid oozing out is found on Toronto street

Thinking that many of the insane policies implemented this year are just a product of our species' ridiculous hubris.

I have something like 100 CPU cores available personally, yet I am compiling this enormous C++ project on a mid-specced laptop. What gives?

Tänk dig att du beställer kycklingaggregat, och får bara vatten som sås.

Det brukade vara så i Sovjetunionen.

"I'm paying no rent at the moment" - "Well, I'm paying two rents" - "So on average everything is normal"

OH: "A house is just a set of recursive rooms"

One endless source of entertainment for me is people who have only ever lived in one country and think that citizenship and residence are the same.

Twitter has an alternative app for Android users called "Twitter Lite" which doesn't have most of the crap in it. It's easily 10x better than the normal app.

PSA if you use muted words on Twitter: They seem to have done a large scale reset of "From anyone" to "From anyone you don't follow", meaning you need to click through every single muted word you have and make sure the setting is right.

Fuck you, Twitter.

There's a few things in tech that I *really* care about, like the concepts of Emacs, but I find it difficult to convey them to anyone other than my closest friends and partners. I think it's because these ideas are so far outside the "Overton window" of tech.

There's a noticeable amount of "normality tourists" in Stockholm now. I can't blame them, I'm sort of doing the same thing - except longer-term. Being able to escape to a sane place is amazing.

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