prompt_toolkit is amazing! It took me like an hour of reading docs and about 80 (hackish) LOC to query my prometheus metrics with autocompletion from the terminal <3


Hm, welcher Erfa ist denn ins Gemüsetütengeschäft eingestiegen?

shitpost aside, using gvim for the day showed me how I often I ^Z back to the shell when using vim to do file stuff, which all would be totally possible to do in vim itself.
So I tweaked my + -setup a bit and will continue to get more used to it.

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I've been a user for a very long time, but it's 2021, and let's face it, it's time for something more modern…

So I'm switching to ! 🥳

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Hey #Mastogarden, I have this strange #fungus(?) growing at the base of my blueberries. Removed it a couple times, but it grows back really quick. Anyone know what it is? It's bright green, quite crunchy and hollow.

:boost_ok: appreciated ☺
#plants #gardening

Switched my on-site home-dir backups from restic to (because is really neat), and boy do you notice the compression: 59G with borg vs 81G with restic. Same source data.

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hasakl tech tip

need to do some dev stuff that needs capabilities like binding to a privileged port, or managing wireguard interfaces, without using sudo (because you don't trust your program not to fuck up root access. also it's security)?

systemd-run can do it (systemd-run can do literally anything. you'd be surprised)

systemd-run --pty -S -pAmbientCapabilities=CAP_NET_ADMIN -pUser=$USER -pGroup=$USER

systemd-run creates an ephemeral unit
--pty hooks it up to the current terminal
-S starts a shell as the process
-p sets a property
AmbientCapabilities=CAP_NET_ADMIN gives the unit the CAP_NET_ADMIN capability. you may also be interested in stuff like CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE and CAP_NET_RAW
User=$USER and Group=$USER runs it under your actual user instead of as root

irc drama 

Times where better when there was IRCNet, Efnet for the americas, and dalnet for the weirdos

Narrator voice: times where not better

I do not believe in , I don't think social networks are a bad thing, and I don't value so-called digital communicaton less than other forms.

That being said, I switched away from using my phone as my alarm a few weeks ago and now leave it in the office over night to pick it up when I am ready to start the day. And not having IM, email, socials in my face first thing in the morning has improved my morning routine tremendously!

discontinues* autobuilds (their service building images from eg. github sources), because the coinbros discovered they could abuse it for mining their shitcoins.😑
This is why we can't have nice things.

* it's a paid feature now

Question for the peeps:

How do I change the score of a symbol *for a specific MX only*?
Say, I have a peer, which I know will mangle recipients. So I want to set FORGED_RECIPIENTS to 0 for that one host without just scoring the whole host -2.
Is there even a way without coding lua?


Apparently now shows a hard-coded warning when joining , because they too got their channel hijacked by the new freenode junta. 😆

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Privacy-wise, Matrix is worse than Slack for public rooms.

Don't hit respond yet, read further.

With this whole freenode mess, some of the online communities I'm part of moved to Matrix. Despite how much I personally love IRC (that's top-notch privacy-wise for public rooms), I have to admit the overall Matrix UX is order of magnitude better and more in line withthe 2021 standards. It lowers the barrier of entry, and I'm all in for that!

However, there's a *massive* catch: the read status. Every time you can see a message on a public room, Matrix will show your avatar next to the said message to materialize you "read" (at least saw) it,

There's currently no way to disable this feature, be it on synapse or dendrite. The read status gets broadcasted to *all the room participants*, including bots.

Some bots are autojoining all the big room as soon as your open them. It's not clear who operate them, they don't ask nobody's consent before joining. You can assume this presence data is actively getting stored and mined by them, it's trivial to do. I implemented such a POC in a couple of hours yesterday night (I obviously turned it off and deleted the data after showing it to some friends).

Back to my initial punch line: this situation is worse than it it is with Slack. At least, with Slack, my read status stays between me, Slack corp and the people they decide to share the data with. With Matrix, it's open bar, private data for everyone.

The Vector team seem not to care too much [1] and are not considering this situation as urgent.

We absolutely need a way to disable these read status on a per room (or space?) level. As free software devs, we should be able to protect our peers and users privacy. My presence status, be it on a public chat is definitely *not* a public data that should carelessly be shared.

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Wer von euch hat Lust dabei zu helfen #peertube ein wenig besser zu moderieren?

Derzeit ist es leider so, dass im deutschsprachigem peertube echt viel Verschwörungstheorien und Querfrontzeugs Raum einnehmen.

Da peertube Entwicklis hauptsächlich englisch/französisch sprachlich sind gibt es dementsprechend Überforderung von deren Seite damit umzugehen.

Was es bräuchte wäre ein kleines team, dass eine "allow list/block list" moderiert, die nicht deutschsprachige nutzen können zur eigenen Moderation.

Hast du Lust, bzw. vllt. gibts ja schon einen Ansatz?

hab hier mal ein pad angelegt:

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Falls irgendwer "Die Humanisten" für ne Wahlalternative hält, möge mal in deren Unvereinbarkeitsliste unter Punkt 4, Linke Parteien und Organisationen schauen...

I may have had too much may wine, but somehow I thought it would be a nice idea to run my system automation with least priviledge - that is as a normal user and very restricted and explicit sudo rules.
One evening in, is out because it wraps every command in sh -c on the target, useless for sudo.
Next I tried -ssh, but I haven't got it working with non-NOPASSWD sudo yet…

Hat jemand Lust das Gruppenfeature von ( ) mal auszuprobieren, beitreten, sync über mehrere Clients, all sowas? Falls ja, gerne über den QR reinschauen. :)

Achtung: Mit dem Beitritt veröffentlicht ihr in der Gruppe eure delta/e-mail-adresse. Bei Bedarf kann ich Testaccounts auf meinem Server einrichten, einfach DM.

Einzige Bedingung: Wir halten uns an dieselben Regeln wie auf, soweit sie zutreffen. ( )

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@favstarmafia Keine Toleranz für Nazis, auch nicht für höfliche

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