Dear people!
Say, one would want to the whole system to an external (local) drive, incrementally or differentially, what would one use? The internal backup system or is there something better? (paid software is OK, but this is for private use, so it should not be more expensive than the hard drive...)

🔁 appreciated :)

@tercean My father uses an old ruby script that I wrote that basically does an rsync and uses mostly hard links on NTFS to save space. So he can just plug the disk in and access the old files.
It certainly needs someone to set it up with understanding of possible issues ("file in use"), but apart from that it works very well for him.
That certainly works better for him than anything else. But he's got the necessary support from me and actively needs to do the backup.

@tokudan Father is exactly the demography here :)
But I'd like something where I can teach him to click these 3 buttons weekly and be done with it.
Also I wouldn't know how to rsync the needed registry entries to set up the system again, etc.

Yeah, I see the problem. That's why I decided to just go with "data backup only."

@tokudan data only is already implemented. I tend to use half a dozen backup systems at once :D

@tercean Yeah, he's also using burp to backup to my server at home, kind of as a security net to "ransomware has just shredded all disks" or " the house burned down".

@tercean iirc Acronis Backup was doing kinda well, but it's a long time since I used it last.

@xpac @tercean Veeam? Free single PC version is available (with limited features).

Has BareMetal restore. Needs write access to attached disc or SMB share, though (and thus vulnerable to ransomware - so rotate backups with offline discs).

@tercean Veeam has got a free edition for Windows. Surves us well

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