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This week, an interview with Sima Lee, a founder of the about the recent police raid of Maroon House in DC, rebuilding spirit and resiliency afterward, queerness, hip hop, and many more topics!

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This week, Perilous Chronicles tells about documenting prisoner resistance & recent hunger strikes in the so-called U.S. Then Kanahus Freedom talks about Tiny House Warriors & resisting the Trans Mountain Pipeline /tmx incursion thru Secwepemculecw.

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A conversation betwixt the co-hosts William and Bursts about their lives, views on media, relationship to each other and the project, motivations and vision. A brief peek behind the curtain of this ginormous media endeavor that is The Final Straw on our 9th anniversary

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Hey folks, we're new to this medium. As an we produce a weekly & radio show and based in the U.S. South. We followed @submedia here, heard about it on the lasted . We'll be posting our weekly podcasts and occasional tech shows (), where Bursts (host) is usually joined by William Budington, who also works at the @EFF , to talk ~ tech security concerns and work-arounds. Hit us up if you wanna know more and check our bio for our website.

This week, an interview with Sima Lee, a founder of the about the recent police raid of Maroon House in DC, rebuilding spirit and resiliency afterward, queerness, hip hop, and many more topics!

This week, another feature from 2019's North American Anarchist Studies Network conf. E Ornelas presents a paper on decolonial perspectives on LeGuin's "The Word for World is Forest".

Cypress shares a chat with Jenny from Project Fang about supporting long-term eco & prisoners! Then, audio from the
2019 North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference about cryptography, anarchism and anonymity! Plus, Sean Swain on trauma and mental health.

This week we are presenting a special guest interview, done by Scott who is an anarchist academic and regular listener, with Eli Meyerhoff about his book “Beyond Education: Radical Studying for Another World”.

To read the intro to Beyond Education for free, head on over to this UM link.

Black Rose: **What Went Wrong for the Municipalists in Spain?**

"As Spain’s municipalist parties suffered a major setback in May’s elections, Barcelona based author Peter Gelderloos writes on how their own actions and inactions are largely to blame for the loss of support. For those not familiar, municipalism is a political current which emphasizes the building…"

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We spoke with members of @RAM_Philly and @AbolitionF_ists on the growth of Black anarchist, New Afrikan, and anti-colonial formations, ideas, and projects. Not to be missed discussion.

In ponovno opozarjamo na še-vedno-v-vzpostavljanju spletno stran Dopolnjena je podstan o lastni produkciji ter osnovnapredstavitev v angleščini.

This week, Greek anarchists from R.O.S.E. pirate radio in Athens talk about the "New Democracy" party corruption and violence, failures and successes of Syriza, immigration, drugs, Exarchia, repression and rebellion.

cops tried to evict the forest occupation #völlibleibt in #hamburg today.
Still several people could remain in the tree, by just climbing higher once the cops tried to reach them.

updates you'll find here:

...and here's the clip in question, just so folks can find it here, too:

This week a 2 parter: First, members of Blue Ridge ABC speak on conditions in SC prisons, demands that the United Nations send observers, + more;
Second, 2 anarchist combat medics speak on their experiences fighting in .

This week William had the chance to speak with 3 members of the Asheville based goth/darkwave/post punk band Secret Shame about their politics, their music, what ails and what’s good about Asheville in general, the tensions of living under capitalism, the recent attention this group has been getting, and many more topics.

You can learn more about them by following @secretshameband on Instagram, and hear more of their music at Für den -Trailer als Appetizer, hier entlang:

For a special, we speak with a member of the Kurdish Cultural Center in Chicago about the situation unfolding right now in NE Syria, fighting imperialism, defending and the and many more topics, incl the Global Day of Action to defend Rojava and against imperialism on THIS SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th!

Against the fascist state
Against imperialism
Biji Rojava!

Williams speaks w/ OVAS members from La Conxa space, an collective from the Boyle Heights barrio of Los Angeles, occupied iyáanga'. They chat about organizing, race, gender, cultural engagement, bicycles & resisting incursions by .

Ayo! We have here Grace from support network to inform us about Jeremy's case & his resisting the same as#ChelseaManning. Then a left anarchist essay in support of reading Nietzsche from North American Anarchist Studies Network Conf 2019, and on his allegation of torture by Ohio Gov to the Organization of American States.

This week we feature three segments.
First up, we share a chat with Laruen Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center, or CLDC, to chat about safer practices around technology for activists. Following this, Withers shares a chat with Adam and Amy, two organizers with the Palm Beach Tenants Union about their work with renters in their communities for dignity in housing. Finally, you’ll hear a conversation with Enid and Rebecca, who feminist activists in Hong Kong.


message of solidarity from #osterholzbleibt to the squats in #Exarchia that are being evicted.

In #Bochum people just squatted a building in solidarity with them.

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