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This week, we air audio by William C Anderson, coauthor of "As Black As Resistance" (AK Press, 2018) on Blackness, anti-Blackness, citizenship, subjectivity, anarchism and resistance.

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Interview with Mary Ratcliff editor of the SF Bay View National Black Newspaper about their media activism and prisoner support, then Hillary Brown of Steady Collective and under threat from the city of

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This week, we are excited to share with y’all an interview with TL, the main artist and designer of : The Game of Insurrection. From the website of games, which publishes the game, “Bloc by Bloc is a semi-cooperative strategy board game inspired by 21st century riots and revolutions. "

Check out our podcast or website for extra links and info, including how to translate or print the game for free!

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Hey folks, we're new to this medium. As an we produce a weekly & radio show and based in the U.S. South. We followed @submedia here, heard about it on the lasted . We'll be posting our weekly podcasts and occasional tech shows (), where Bursts (host) is usually joined by William Budington, who also works at the @EFF , to talk ~ tech security concerns and work-arounds. Hit us up if you wanna know more and check our bio for our website.

BREAKING: Former #J20 defendants in #NorthCarolina donate thousands of dollars to anarchist and antifascist prisoner support groups. "Thanks to you, the J20 case has catalyzed an annual week of action."

Alternative title is apparently:
"Aexa, show me the whitest thing on the internet..."

Enough is Enough: **#Syria: Tekoşîna Anarşîst on Rotating Tours at Deir Zor Frontline**

"The recently announced anarchist militant unit in Rojava, Tekoşîna Anarşîst, has announced that they have been active in the frontline battles against ISIS."

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Interview with anti-racist organizer from F.L.O.W.E.R United about resisting the KKK at Stone Mt. in Georgia Feb 2nd + Kim Kelly on "Black Flags Over Brooklyn" anti-fascist metal fest in NYC and bringing anarchist journalism to mainstream audiences.

Anarchist News: **Announcing Season 2 of Rebel Steps**

"via Rebel Steps We’re very excited to announce that we’ve begun working on season 2 of Rebel Steps! As we prepare to create this season, we’d love to hear from you. If you tried any of the activities in season 1 and would like to share your experience, please record a message at or …"

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Anarchist News: **Trial against Belgian anarchists set to begin on April 29th**

"via act for freedom now! Between 2008 and 2014, the Belgian State carried out a vast investigation of the struggle, always outside beaten paths, in protest at detention centers, borders, prisons and the world of authority and exploitation. The targets of the …"

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Finished project! 54 U.S.-held political prisoners on buttons w their names, faces and support sites (if they have one). We'll mail em out to y'all w some info on their cases. Profits go to 's operating costs (postage, printing, bail fund)

Info on how to get some (or make them yourselves) at thefinalstrawradio.bigcartel.c

Enough is Enough: **International Call to Action for Gidimt’en Access Point**

"Today, members of the RCMP’s Aboriginal Police Liaison met with the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs and indicated that specially trained tactical forces will be deployed to forcibly remove Wet’suwet’en people from sovereign Wet’suwet’en territory."

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This week, 1) a chat with a Wet'suwet'en community member about the Gitdim'ten Camp blockade of the Coastal GasLink (TransCanada) pipeline and threat of RCMP invasion & 2) JR from @submedia on the Trouble series and Mental Wellness.

Resist the KKK's March on Stone Mountain, February 2nd just outside of Atlanta, GA. The site of the "Confederate Mount Rushmore" sits on sacred land for the Creek people.

Jess & Olive were at the protests at and now do support for the 5 indigenous who caught Federal charges. We talk about , , , & , their situations, the protests and their aftermaths, the Camp resisting the end of the pipeline in so-called Louisiana and more!

Making buttons of in the U.S. so far on this batch we have: Leonard Peltier; Jeremy Hammond; Mumia Abu-Jamal; Casey Brezik; Red Fawn Fallis; Rattler; Sundiata Acoli; Marius Mason; Michael Kimble; Eric King; Russell Maroon Shoats; Jalil Muntaqim; Hanif Bey; Xinachtli; Bill Dunne; Jaan Laaman; Tom Manning; Oso Blanco... Missing any?
More to come for sure! Hit us up with suggestions and high res photos.

Our latest approaches to , we spoke with about the Pretty Easy Privacy (pEp) Foundation's work to automate end-to-end encryption of emails via Outlook, Thunderbird and other programs.

Today in no one care about sex workers


Congress authorized a national strategy for arresting clients of sex workers and approved the use of secret wiretaps in misdemeanour sex work cases. #sexwork


#YPG International: “We defend Northern Syria and Rojava because we defend a world without fascism and patriarchy”

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