Call Easterling Correction +1(334) 397 4471 in Clio, Alabama in support of prisoners there.

Prisoners are forced to be in confinement & are being routinely beaten for a crime they did not commit. Some inmates have demanded to speak to Warden John Crow or Warden Monica McCoy about their conditions but are being denied the access.

"Hello, I want to be transferred to Warden John Crow's office line to discuss the well-being of two inmates, (Brandon Oden & James Pratt) who are being silenced."

OCR Output (chars: 364) 


Alabama prison rebels have
reported brutal retaliation
and beatings by guards at
Easterling Correctional.
Please call Warden John
Crow to request a welfare
check for prisoners Brandon
Oden and James Pratt, to let
the administration know that
people outside are paying
attention, and to discourage
further abuse.


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