Had a very pleasant trip on a train, where for almost the entire duration of the ride a 50Hz powerline noise was buzzing through the train's PA system

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Is programming in Haskell considered a lambda male grindset? 🤔

For some reason I really enjoy upgrading fairly modern but old laptops, you get an old laptop with Win 7 or 8 which is really slooow, and barely usable then you just pop a new SSD in, add some RAM and install Linux, and just like that the laptop is perfectly usable for another couple of years

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@Azure The thing I really like about fedi is that there's no ads, no algorithms shoving contend down your throat, just you and people you interact with

TIL that in rsync --delete flag doesn't work like I expected it to if I use rsync --delete /foo/bar/* dst:/foo/bar/ so I need to do rsync --delete /foo/bar/ dst:/foo/bar

I'm once again reminded that Half-Life 2 is a masterpiece

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@Eternal_Cringe Triage at Dawn probably is my most favorite piece of HL2 soundtrack

Unpopular opinion: Brutalist architecture is actually pretty nice

Why isn't OpenBSD relayd + httpd stack more popular? :bread_displeased:

Fedi feels way more comfy compared to other social media

Trains are awesome and we should finance railroad infrastructure more. Anyone who disagrees is just wrong.

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Wanna support an unemployed disabled queer with their unending wheelchair maintenance and medicine costs?

Venmo: TeaMug

The state provides me $200 a month - but prescriptions, OTCs, grocery delivery fees, bills, and copays use that up, and it's never enough.
My partners can only cover so much of my remaining costs, and we're saving to move to accessible housing, which tightens margins further.

Current needs in replies.

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