I was a candidate for a position on the board of one of Europe's political youth organisations, ! And that's how it went: thilobuchholz.de/2019/08/the-e

Green Youth 

Man muss Telegram leider zugestehen, dass sie an innovativen Features gerade für Gruppen ordentlich abliefern, und das multi-plattform. Während sich der Signal-Desktop-Client anzündet, wenn dein Chatpartner ohne Abmeldung das Smartphone wechselt. (Dafür E2E etc., aber trotzdem, Apple kriegt das schließlich auch irgendwie auf die Reihe.)

zug, reisen, baltische staaten 

Wir schließen uns der "Agenda für eine nachhaltige Digitalisierung" der Bewegung an.

Ihr könnt unterschreiben und unterstützen!

Die Agenda ist außerdem in "Was Bits und Bäume verbindet - Digitalisierung nachhaltig gestalten" ab Seite 137 zu finden:

Ob die Unis in der italienischen Hauptstadt sich auch zu so einem Exzellenzcluster zusammengeschlossen haben?

Zu einem... Edu-Rom? 🤔

if the DM thing bothers you, remember that DMs on any other service can also be accessed by the people who run it. twitter, facebook, instagram, messenger apps, etc are not secure and they will often share your info with government agencies if it benefits them to do so.

and yet more tips~

faves being private clarification: people can click on the faves on a post and see who faved it. however, you can't go to a user's profile and see a list of their faves, nor will you see that in your TLs.

admins can see all DMs coming or going from their instance. while it takes a bit of work to do this and most admins won't bother, please don't think DMs are a secure communication channel. keep sensitive personal info to other, secure means of communication.

Hello fediverse,
this is our very first toot.

"The Hambach Forest, which one could call the last “primeval” forest in Central Europe, is being stubbed for Europe’s biggest climate pollutant – the Rhenish lignite mining area of RWE (Rheinisches Braunkohlerevier), in which RWE mines brown coal. Whole villages and the health of human beings are destroyed in this process.
To prevent all of this it we squatted the Hambacher Forest and take part in other effective and direct Actions."

Since 2012 it is squatted and defended against cops and security forces from #RWE. #hambibleibt!!!

Berxwedan Jiyane

Rediscovered the fediverse in the recent weeks. Decided to join again. Also after wiping nearly my whole & timeline; advocating for a new culture of sharing on these platforms: thilobuchholz.de/2019/08/towar

bim Abiturient
tröte hier ab und an durch die Gegend. nicht c:


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