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Research on Instant Messaging 

Hi ! :boost_ok:

I want to identify and properly connect the factors relevant to the choice of users in instant services. So I initiated my first repository on @codeberg: An project summarising my research so far which is waiting for criticism and contributions! 😊


🔶 ... Examples for in focus:

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Tried to write smth brief & short on switching into the fediverse and to decentralised messaging services. Don't know whether it helps, but worth a try I hope - maybe some of you want to use it to share with family & friends:

"Hyperscalers [like #Facebook] have the same criteria of success as cancers. -- Why do you want to replicate #hyperscalers in Europe?"

Watch this invaluable rant of @aral in front of the European Parliament.

:boost_ok: Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share again this Friday, so artists will get their normal cut of any sales (music and merch) plus the fee that usually goes to Bandcamp. This is a good way to help your favorite musicians survive the pandemic - especially musicians of color, LGBTQ+ musicians, and disabled musicians!

Here are all the dates Bandcamp plans to do this in 2020:
August 7, 2020
September 4, 2020
October 2, 2020
November 6, 2020
December 4, 2020

Hat zufällig jemand aus dem Fediverse Interesse in unserer Social Media AG, bei der Betreuung dieses Accounts mitzuhelfen?

Wir versuchen dabei die Genderbalance wieder hin zu bekommen, weshalb wir nach nicht-männlichen Personen suchen. Die Erfahrung ist dabei nicht wichtig. Falls sich wer von euch es sich vorstellen kann oder ihr in eurer Ortsgruppe wen kennt, schreibt mir gerne hier. Danke! ❤️


Together with Frank Sonntag I have created a new Mastodon instance: FediScience, a friendly place where scientists can let their hair down.

There I will write about my work about the quality of climate data at a scientific level in English.

This will be/stay my private, sometimes German and local (#Bonn) account.

Nochmal: Yes!
Messenger: Schleswig-Holstein will Matrix-Chat für Verwaltung -

In dem Bundesland sollen künftig bis zu 500.000 Personen ein Matrix-Chat-System nutzen können. Das ist Teil der Open-Source-Strategie.

#Schleswig-Holstein #opensource

My first pull request on @codeberg is merged. Users having a browser accept language of Dutch are now served a Dutch page on, welkom Nederlanders!

Also if someone want to check if it's acceptable for Flemish usage, let me know!

It's unacceptable if Members of the European Parliament have to use a service provided by an American company and agree to their Terms of Service in order to exercise the mandate. Representing citizens must not be conditioned upon using iCloud.

The German city of Bühl created "Palim! Palim!" as a #FreeSoftware #video #conferencing platform on top of #Jitsi. The feedback they received is encouraging:

"Many citizens express their personal thanks to us and we have stopped counting how many municipalities have approached us with great interest. I believe that Free Software is currently experiencing an incredible boost and that the sensitivity for data sovereignty is growing rapidly."

#publiccode @fsfe

opinion time, deutschrap 

TNT bleibt mein favourite, Kranich Kick ist der ultimative Energizer, der Aktivisti in mir pumpt "Ich hasse Autos", und ein Brett wie Claras Verhältnis war der Song den wir gebraucht haben aber nicht davon ahnten dass irgendjemand sich das je trauen würde. Und ihr so?

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#EUindieVerfassung hat rechtzeitig zu #Eu2020DE Erfolg: #Europa steht nun in der Verfassung des bevölkerungsreichsten Bundeslands in 🇩🇪 - auch dank des unermüdlichen Einsatz unseres Landesverbandes und der Europa-Union in #NRW!

Wir sind richtig stolz auf euch! 💚#jefspirit


No to .io, yes to .xyz

Post targeted at all the #FOSS developers out there. Choose your #tld wisely.

#deleteio #notoio

We develop CryptPad under an open-source license because we believe cryptography is a vital tool in addressing disparities in power. In case it wasn't already abundantly clear: we're on the side of the black, queer, trans, and other disproportionately policed and surveilled people that have faced prejudice for far too long.

If you're using CryptPad to organize and have any questions about how to use it as safely as possible please do contact us.


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need urgent help | brauche dringend Hilfe 

Who is online right now and can tell me an uplifting story?
I desperately need distraction from my dark thoughts.

Wer ist grad online und kann mir eine erfreuliche Geschichte erzählen? Ich brauch ganz dringend Ablenkung von meinen Gedanken.

Leute, gebt NIEMALS IRGENDWEM eure Account, dem ihr nicht zu 100% vertraut! Ihr gebt ebenso eure DMs weiter, ihr habt keine Garantie ihn zurückzubekommen, man kann API-Keys erstellen und später noch Unfug treiben und offenbart eure Mailadresse, Kontakte und Listen.

Unglaublich, dass man das extra erwähnen muss.

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