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Addendum to this: do NOT (I repeat, do NOT) take legal advice from random yahoos on the Internet.

It doesn’t matter if what they say seems sensible or they use legal-sounding words, you do not know them IRL and you do not know how reliable they are.

If you are planning to do something you think might expose you to legal risk, seek advice from credible organisations or (if you can afford it) an actual lawyer.

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Eine Schande für einen "aufgeklärten" Staat

#Datteln4 startet bei 417 ppm #CO2 in der Atmosphäre und globalen #Emissionen von 1331 Tonnen CO2 pro Sekunde. Das CO2 Budget für das 1.5° Ziel ist in 7 Jahren erschöpft.

Gesellschaftlich müssen wir uns fragen: Ist es uns das Wert?


Bandcamp is one of the best websites on the internet. Profitable for nearly a decade, not chasing endless growth. Great way to support artists.

Corona / Spanien führt Grundeinkommen ein 

führt ein

In Spanien rutschen immer mehr Bürger*innen durch die Folgen der -Pandemie in die Armut ab. Die Regierung stellt sich nun gegen den Abwärtstrend und führt ab Juni ein monatliches "Grundeinkommen" ein.

>Nach Angaben des Ministeriums für soziale Sicherheit soll die neue Regelung sicherstellen, dass jeder Haushalt ein garantiertes Minimumeinkommen von 10.070 Euro pro Jahr haben wird.<

Ways to help Mpls 

Minnesota Freedom Fund:
Reclaim the Block:
Black Visions Collective:
Northstar Health Collective (Medical Donation):
MN Healing Justice Network/Spiral Collective (long haul care, ongoing trauma response, immediate funds to healers):
Unicorn Riot (on the ground independent & radical coverage)

I recently started a discussion within a FLOSS project about changing the term “blacklist” to “blocklist” to remove the connotation “black is bad”. Sadly, the usual political correctness discussion is about to escalate.

Is someone here aware of research or studies about such changes and the surrounding discussions? How can the discussions become more efficient towards reaching the goal (people accepting the terminology change)?

(I am on purpose not linking the concerned issue tracker)

Someone please help and explain me the meaning of favouriting a toot. I'm still not sure what kind of meaning it leaves behind.

I think the Fediverse comes out ahead in terms of the strength of its moderation its ability to generate representative codes of conduct. But these instances require real technical ability to create and sustain. Techies become tent poles, enabling an environment.

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did you know: you don't need to be a level 4 antifa super solider to attend public demonstrations in your area.

in fact, showing up to voice your support as a non-descript average white person is useful. cops may look at POC & black bloc kids and see potential targets. but when they look at average white people, they see potential lawsuits. put that shit to work.

if you have never attended a demonstration please consider the value your voice and presence can contribute now (if you're able).

Reminder for people interested in #digitalrights: The latest #EDRigram is out.

🔸 How #COVID19 affects marginalised communities
🔸 #CompetitionLaw: analysing #BigTech mergers
🔸 EDRi's network strategy
🔸 Fighting police #drones in Paris
🔸 and more! #COVIDTech, #GDPR


I am looking for african cliamte activists on Mastodon. Can somebody give me pointers?


One of the things I really love about #fediverse is how you can discover not only great people, great ideas but also good old links to open place on the web, blogs, sites, (even more in the #Indieweb swarm) of real people, by real people.. Something that is simply gone from silo networks, where each link send to news orgs sites, other platforms, but not People.

Feels like 1997 when exploring the web diversity was a full time occupation :)

Rediscovering the Small Web

"Today's web is mostly commercial. The smaller web of individuals has neither the resources nor the will to compete for visibility and audience the way the commercial web does"

Another great post by @neustadt - welcome to Mastodon by the way, a part of the new small web!

basic web dev 

just noticed that my wordpress theme was still using fonts delivered by google. not anymore!

(if anybody has further advice on how to improve one's wordpress site, always welcome! 😊)

What I hate most about working remotely is how teams are gradually dehumanized, until your colleagues are just avatars you exchange tasks and work results with, because small talk, and body language are out of the picture.

Have you asked a colleague how they're doing today?

Just live: A GDPR conference using Facebook trackers, without consent and missing declaration of those trackers. Oh my! 🙄 #GDPR2

What bothers me with and why I'm very hesitant to donate right now is not solely the fact that it's become a vehicle for alt-right propaganda, conspiracy content, and hatred, but that this also seems to be inappropriately underestimated by the developers.

It's okay if your software has an ugly problem. It's not okay if you pretend it doesn't really matter that much.

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