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#JustTransition 101:
❌ propping up the aviation industry with taxpayers' money
✅ creating mobility that works for people and planet
✅ providing social protection
✅ promoting alternative employment
✅ investing in re-training

Staatsministerin Bär, Bundesbeauftragte für Digitales, macht sich für die #App #Clubhouse stark - und warnt vor der „Datenschutzkeule“

Wer auf Clubhouse Bekannte einladen möchte, muss seine Kontaktdaten freigeben - das ohne Einwilligung der Betroffenen zu tun ist illegal

Eine Ministerin, die #Digitalisierung und #Datenschutz gegeneinander ausspielt, ist nicht „hip“ sondern peinlich 🙈

Datenschutz und Digitalisierung funktionieren nur gemeinsam 👍 - oder gar nicht.

Zu diesem Themenkomplex laden wir euch am Samstag, den 13.02. um 15 Uhr zu einer Podiumsdiskussion mit Anja Folberth vom Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung des KIT, Arne Cypionka für und Lea Elsemüller, Mitglied des Public Advisory Board des Cyber-Valley für den Gemeinderat in Tübingen und ehemalige Landessprecherin der Grünen Jugend BaWü ein.

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Welche spannenden Accounts gibt es auf im Mastodon Netzwerk?
Ich interessiere mich für:

IT-Security, Digitalisierung,
CCC, Nerds,
elektronische Kunst
und Karlsruhe.

XMPP Snikket 

Ich weiß jetzt nicht mehr, wer mich auf #Snikket hingewiesen hat....

Jedenfalls Danke dafür. Das Ding ist ja echt genial!

Basierend auf #prosody und #conversation hat man so in wenigen Minuten eine super konfigurierten XMPP-Server incl. App am Android und kann in der Welt von #XMPP inclusive Telefonie und Videotelefonie teilnehmen.

"...It's very easy to set up and maintain an instance..."

A thing unironically said

My god techies can be so hopeless sometimes. If anyone's struggled to get their friends and family through the most mundane of tasks, they understand immediately why Facebook is still so popular. It's not just because of network effects. You literally only need to know how to type your name, email, and phone

Tech savviness is a barrier to communication as it is. Let's not add more on top

I can agree so much with the inconsistencies and barriers analysed in @dgold's critique - I've hosted my own website for several years now, but seriously still can't tell whether tech nerds would say I qualify to be part of the IndieWeb or not 🙃

In 2021, IndieWeb is finally over. It will disintegrate, though we will find some of it's modules, principles, and ideals among new technologies and tools. Keeping an eye on ♊, 📓, 📠...

Along with a colleague, @dzulli , I'm conducting a survey of Mastodon developers, admins, and users. If you would, please take our survey:

We're focusing on "freedom of expression."

For more info on the survey, see


New blog post: "Products vs Protocols: What Signal got right"

This extended version of @mattj's recent #FOSDEM talk explores the thinking behind Snikket, and what #XMPP and #decentralized protocols can learn from #Signal's success.

Ich überlege mir gerade, ob ich ein Verzeichnis von -sprachige Capsules zu erstellen. 🤔

Welche dürfen nicht fehlen und sind es wert einen weiteren Publikum vorgestellt zu werden. 🚀

Jetzt auch auf Deutsch:

Es wird langsam höchste Zeit, zu löschen - aber wie erklärt man Freund:innen & Familie einfach und verständlich was die Messengeralternativen sind?



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Hey all!

I'm a mathematician by degree, with industry experience in cryptography research (University), Finance (Blackrock), Fashion (Farfetch) and Biotech (Amyris).

I enjoy Behavioural Economics and Policy Making. In particular, how we can make decisions and unite as a society when the best policy impacts some people negatively. The best example I'm aware of is automation, which leads to many unemployed people but I'd argue it is good overall.

I'd love to hear your ideas


We also #StandWithBelarus and show our support for wrongly imprisoned Belarusian Protesters! ✉🖋
Our chairman, Tobias, wrote these two letters.

Hi, all -- Thanks for the suggestions, ideas, and comments on my question about a FOSS Academic Linux cloud stack.

I wrote up a blog post compiling all the suggestions. I hope I did your comments justice.


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The Frontex Files documents how Frontex, the rapidly-growing EU border and coast guard agency, has been working closely with the weapons industry to equip Frontex with firearms and controversial technologies such as biometrics (including facial recognition) and drones, all in an effort to "push back" migrants away from Europe.

The rich and powerful know what's going to happen with migration due to the climate crisis and are preparing a murderous system:

Read this article on Gemini (about Gemini): gemini://

Within the recent month, particularly after WhatsApp’s announcement and subsequent postponement of its updated privacy policy, thousands of users started migrating messengers. Whilst within the blogosphere known to me there are many examples of people arguing intensely for or against a certain instant messaging protocol, I haven’t found one introductory article to the world that is instant messaging services. This article aims to fill that gap.

There are 3 different architecture philosophies of instant messaging services.

distributed/Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

Centralized messengers

Centralized messengers are e.g. WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Threema, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat: There is one provider, and one application for the service. Everybody who communicates with somebody communicates via the servers of that provider. That doesn’t mean that those messengers are all the same: Some, like Discord and Instagram, are entirely unencrypted – the service provider (i.e. the company) can read and use everything you write. Some, like Telegram and Signal, publish the source code of the apps – that means that everyone can see and verify what the app does on your phone. Some, like Threema and Signal, are always end-to-end encrypted. Some collect more metadata – e.g. the data when, with whom, how long, where you communicate – and some less. And so on and so on. Still, there are very privacy-friendly messengers among those – most popularly Signal and Threema, followed by messengers with a smaller user base such as Wire and Wickr. But if any of those messengers implement a feature you don’t like, you’re screwed. All of those messengers are app-reliant: You need to access the application of the service provider, otherwise you’re excluded from messaging other people.

Federated messengers

Federated messengers are messengers which rely on a fully open protocol (think of ‘protocol’ as ‘language’). The two existing protocols are XMPP and Matrix. Their main principle can be compared to email: You can register an account at any server (or host a server of your own), and communicate with any other account on any other server. Think of it like sending an email from your Gmail account to your friend’s Yahoo account: There are no limits as to how you can communicate, and if you dislike Gmail, you can just switch to any other email provider and send an email to your friend from your new address. Likewise, you are free to choose any app you like to use your account (people generally speak of apps as ‘clients’). Similar to how you can access a Hotmail email-account from different clients (e.g. the Gmail app, Apple’s email app, Mozilla Thunderbird, …), you can access your XMPP or Matrix account through different clients or simply access your account from the web browser. There are people who prefer XMPP and people who prefer Matrix, I personally think that XMPP is the better protocol whilst Matrix offers an easier user experience for people who are new to federated messenger protocols.

Peer-to-peer messengers

Peer-to-peer messengers don’t rely on servers altogether – they just rely on one common protocol (‘language’). Briar, Jami, Tox, RetroShare are all examples for this. Among the three groups, they provide most anonymity and security. However, this also means that you need to add your contacts manually – as your identity is protected, you can’t simply be identified by your phone number. On the other hand, they provide the comfort of not being able to fail. There is no server which can go offline and you don’t need to place your trust in the availability of the service on a specific provider. You will always be able to message your contacts – in some cases even without needing an internet connection.

So, let’s go!

I included links for further reading below. Do you have any questions left? Or do you want to practice communicating on the federated and distributed platforms? Do you need help in picking a server or getting started? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Further reading

On these websites, you will find general advice that I personally deem valuable on how to become a digitally sovereign citizen:

In general, I am hesitant to share videos, as they can often get very lengthy and can have a strong personal bias. However, I think that this video explains the differences between the messengers in more detail really well, so if you’re up to learning more, listen in!

Clients (apps) for XMPP

Examples are Gajim, Conversations, Quicksy, Siskin, ChatSecure, Dino, …You can find more information on the XMPP protocol here. See this list for more clients and this list for a selection of servers.

Clients (apps) for Matrix

Examples are Element, SchildiChat, ditto, NeoChat, FluffyChat, …You can find more information on the Matrix protocol here.See this list for more clients and this list for a selection of servers.

:boost_ok: It's time to - but how do you explain your friends & family in short and simple terms what the alternatives are besides running to Telegram or Signal? 🤔

In light of the absence of good summaries I've written an introduction to this much debated topic - hope you find it useful! Please share it if you want to 😊


Gemini: gemini://

That went faster than expected! After one weekend of learning and being curious about this new protocol, I just published my first entry and it felt really cool! 😊

It feels kind of like what I always desired since I first got into the whole confusing world of HTML, CSS, JS etc. and realised how complicated web design actually is.

Feedback very welcome! ☺️

You can find it here: gemini://

🌐 :

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