I really just wanna stop existing and also stop existing in the past//peoples mind...

I kinda wanna do the same as yesterday but it didnt help and i dont want my stomach to hurt even more Holy fuck am I dumb...

And shit

And awfull

Im the worst person to exist tbh

can someone force all the cool people i followed on twitter join fedi, that would be really nice thank u

Should I delete my account here?

Im useless on here anyway!

friend looking for work and a place to stay, ideally in the UK, please boost far and wide 

hi fediverse
a trans friend of mine (18yo) is stuck with an abusive family in london
she's looking for a way out, and needs a place to stay until she can afford her own
she knows about programming / ITsec, and IT in general
she's willing to relocate anywhere within the UK, preferentially around london
she does have some funds saved up and would be able to contribute to living costs

shitpost, death ment 

you will die at the end of your lifetime

depression, no clue, idk, sui mention 

So yeah im like having no clue at all where my shitty life is heading...
I have no clue who I am...
I have no clue how all of this ends up...
Its getting worse and worse over time and I feel like im postponing my death...

What does a scared Jade do?
Ride random trains to random places and hope that she doesnt end up in nowhere

block ads for your kids instead of letting their brain get molded by whoever can pay for the most YouTube ad spots

I proposed, gay excitement, caps 


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