GitHub is proprietary software. Think of it! 🤔
"Today contributing to a FOSS project more often than not requires using GitHub" - "I talked to [...] technical students of my university [...] and they thought git is just the interface you use to talk to GitHub" - "git was created as a way of escaping the reliance of a proprietary software company running a centralized service" - "GitHub has created many of the problems git was created to solve" -

@carlchenet @thomic
Funny how git is touted as being distributed, but when their central hub goes down developers think they can't do anything.

@thomic GitLab is a much more open 'central point' than GitHub ...

@thomic This could create a barrier for me, because it's very unlikely that I'm going back to Github and so unless projects are willing to take patches or issues by other methods I won't be contributing to any Github projects.
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