GitHub is proprietary software. Think of it! 🤔
"Today contributing to a FOSS project more often than not requires using GitHub" - "I talked to [...] technical students of my university [...] and they thought git is just the interface you use to talk to GitHub" - "git was created as a way of escaping the reliance of a proprietary software company running a centralized service" - "GitHub has created many of the problems git was created to solve" -

@carlchenet @thomic
Funny how git is touted as being distributed, but when their central hub goes down developers think they can't do anything.

@thomic GitLab is a much more open 'central point' than GitHub ...

@thomic This could create a barrier for me, because it's very unlikely that I'm going back to Github and so unless projects are willing to take patches or issues by other methods I won't be contributing to any Github projects.

@thomic After the Gimp scandal everybody flee from SourceForge to GitHub. However, under the new leadership of Logan Abbott, SourceForge has redesigned its interface and wants to regain its lost spot in open source code hosting. Sincerely, I don't like GitLab, and I will keep using GitHub for some minor projects and as a window(s) shop 😏 for course certifications.

@thomic I don't think that GitLab is a good alternative to GitHub. GH was created in 2008 and it took only 10 years to sell to MS. GitLab was created in 2013 and I predict that before 2023 will sell to some other big company.

@manuelcaeiro @thomic at least it can be self-hosted

there is also now

@grainloom @manuelcaeiro @thomic gittea is also self hostable and open source, im running an instance here at

@manuelcaeiro @thomic GitLab is open source, You can host it yourself like gitolite or GitTea to mention those more light-weight self-hosted alternatives, it's about the backend being open source, not about GitHub vs. GitLab

@manuelcaeiro @thomic Google. They are mostly funded by them, host on them and have a deep integration (kubernetics), …

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