So, since las thursday i've been forced to use LTE for everything, because some telco-technician #$%ed up my DSL/Telephone cable while owrking on another line.

Apparently, they still haven't been able to fix it. In the meantime, my data cap for LTE has long been reached, and I've been surfing the net with ~2 kb/s for the past few days.

Let me tell you: I've gained a whole new impression of the "modern" internet. And it's not a good one.


To conclude my rant:

If you build websites, if you have any influence for how you or your company uses the web: Please, actively try to lower this technical barrier. Introduce a UX testing phase where you simulate a gprs-class connection (easy with web-dev-tools).

Make sure that you share your knowledge not only with those that are already privileged by modern (communications) technology, but also with those that might need it the most.

@thunfisch Even in a rural area of a rich country like England or Germany some people are still forced to use satellite broadband or GPRS/LTE with low signal/data caps and will struggle with many modern websites (we had this issue at my work for a couple of years with the European satellite broadband, which was really little better from when it first appeared around 1991)

@thunfisch After 20-odd years I am now, today, since you posted this (thank you!), finally decided that I am SICK of building and hosting sites and email-I hate it.
Sick of js, php and mysql/maria.
I actually hate all of those compared to other langs and db.
I was shitty at it anyhow - esp. the graphics (I have zero artistic talent, just tech good with e.g. gimp and inkscape). No creativity though - smart art ppl have to tell me what to do
I used to have like 40 sites. I only have 4 left anyhow

@thunfisch ... i 'turned off' the other sites. Just told them to find someone else. I took like two years or so. No one ever dropped me. That would have saved some time :-)

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