just read the release notes of version 0.20, lots of really cool new features and improvements. And for quite a few things that have been bugging me in the past, as well.
Awesome! Looking forward to it!

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So apparently #SteamVR tracking runs just fine on #FreeCAD #SteamDeck. Reported by
kwahoo. Continues, "𝑅𝑒𝑎𝑙 𝑠𝑝𝑎𝑐𝑒 𝑚𝑜𝑢𝑠𝑒 is possible now ;)"

forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic #Showcase #MadeWithFreeCAD #fc3d

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The Fediverse will remain niche for the time being because its architecture implies inconvenience for the mainstream user. This might actually save us because this place isn't ready for mainstream exposure. We shouldn't mind. Niche is cool. Every home is a niche. They have their own advantages.

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This is worth sharing.

It's an animated GIF where every frame is a valid QR code that leads to the "Never Gonna Give You Up" rickroll.

That's kind of amazing.


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A friend in Vienna has longstanding health issues related to a congenital nystagmus in combination with ocular astigmatism and myopia. He frequently experiences vertigo and nausea which cause him a lot of difficulty in his daily life. These problems have been resistant to both medication and non‐pharmaceutical interventions such as specialised glasses.

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strong movie opinion (continued!) 

It's normal in film making to talk about diegetic vs. non-diegetic sound (sound that exists within the world of the movie and can be heard by the characters vs. sound that only exists for the sake of the audience). But I don't really hear people apply the same concepts to color. The way movies are colored sometimes feels like if a movie had a really loud musical score but whenever anything in the movie looks like it should make a noise it's completely silent. Sure you can set an overall mood with music, but a vital connection to the actual action in the film is totally missing.

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strong movie opinion 

I think certain trends in color design have rendered many recent movies nearly unwatchable (or at least just a lot less fun to watch than they could be).

They always just ignore the storytelling potential of color and make everything blue and orange in post which makes the whole thing drab and soupy. You need all the other colors to provide contrast and direct attention. Red is so important since it's the color that attracts the most attention, and a lot of times people just leave it out of their palette completely.


quite enjoyable. Kinda reminds me of that old mastermind game, but for words instead of colours

208 3/6


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windows 10 is not fit for professional use.

results from tonight's culinary experiments:
small amounts of szechuan pepper added to tschunk is pretty nice. also, frozen raspberries in gin and tonic, if you're out of ice

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Falls ihr das nicht kennt: StreetComplete ist eine App, die es super leicht macht, Daten zu OSM hinzuzufügen – Ladenöffnungszeiten, Hausnummern, Straßenbelag, Radwege, Beleuchtung, Brückendaten und noch viel mehr.

Es macht (mir zumindest) mega Spaß, und bringt mich dazu, meiner Umgebung etwas mehr Aufmerksamkeit zu widmen. play.google.com/store/apps/det

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halbe Stunde durch den rc3-Fahrplan geklickt und alle interessant klingenden Talks in neuen Tabs geöffnet... um dann festzustellen, dass diese verdammte Webseite das nicht unterstützt und ich jetzt dutzende Tabs mit dem Fahrplan statt mit den einzelnen Talkbeschreibungen habe 😭

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