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Do some action of solidarity, a banner drop, organize a letter writing or film screening, spread the word about those in prisons and let them know, that they are not alone and forgotten – your creativity has no limits.

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But we shouldn't forget our comrades in prison, who fight for freedom and equality. They experience hard times right now. Because the pandemic isolates people in prison even more. For that, this year we call again for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners!

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People strike at the factories and rose up inside prisons against the authoritarian and profit-oriented politics. This was a tough year and more is to come. In those times we need solidarity more then ever – in daily life, our neighborhoods, our communities.

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This year brought more social and economic injustice, more suffering, but also more struggle. People stood up against the capitalist system and authoritarian regimes. People fought for their freedom and against exploitation.

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There is a fundamental lie in the capitalist society. A promise that never comes true. The promise of freedom – you just have to work hard. Every time we stumble upon the crisis of capitalism we are reminded about that. More than one year of Covid-19 lies behind us.

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The time has come to invite you to the next edition of International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners!

Visit our website solidarity.international , read and share the full version of the call to action.

And so the week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners starts! Organize solidarity and educational events! Write letters to prisoners! (the full list of anarchist prisoners is here - solidarity.international/index)

We are a crew working on the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (23-30 August). Would be awesome if you can boost this account, as our previous one got blocked! solidarity.international is the website with the call

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Out of our collaboration with ABC-Umea we created a mobi video for @solidarity_week@twitter.com for people to write letters to prisoners. Do it yourself and share it with your friends! Share to your friends! youtu.be/3u4E6Hs5_BE

Have you seen postcards prepared by our comrades from Germany for Week of Solidarity? You can use layouts in your own mobilization efforts. For EU groups postcards can be ordered!


Horrible info from Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran :(

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This year we also launched a profile on fb. If you are active in those media you can like and follow us: facebook.com/WeekOfSolidarity/

As every year, we try to update the list of anarchist prisoners. If you want to support us, take a few minutes to read it and let us know if you see any mistakes or outdated information.

You can send feedback to our address: tillallarefree@riseup.net

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Atlanta, Georgia (US): banner in solidarity with anarchists and antifascists facing repression in Russia.

"From ATL to Russia: Solidarity with all Imprisoned Anarchists"


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Free the NYC 3 - political prisoners!

Federal authorities have stepped in to make examples of these three protesters charged with property destruction against police cars, denying them bail and asking for life sentences.


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