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Or maybe we just didn't plug the cable in properly.

Maybe. Who knows.

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In This Hour: I remotely compile a Linux kernel while sitting on a bus.

Thinking about using email for social purposes, and it sounds like a pretty nice idea

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@timezone there's a dconf setting on gnome which you can use if you don't have tweak tool
set to ['caps:swapescape'] (or add to the array if there's already stuff there)

despite the name it works on wayland too (i run wayland and use this mainly for vim lol)

OH: "We are *not* putting people's pronouns on the blockchain!"

OH: "This is all fine inasmuch as 'this is fine dot png'".

Okay Hivemind,

I have a bunch of Fedora workstations I have to use to get work done. They're running Gnome on Wayland, I don't have root access, and are configured to use a UK QWERTY keyboard layout.

How do I perform keyboard remapping so I can get caps lock to deliver escape instead? (Bonus points if there's a way to make caps lock do either of control or escape depending on how long it's held down.)

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Zum nächsten Congress: Colo Abteil im Zug?

(Und Uplink über WIFIonICE dann natürlich)

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Nothing to start your day like a discussion about dynamic routing protocols on IRC before you've even left your bed.

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This post brought to you by me starting a kernel build only to have it fail five minutes after I've wandered off to go and take a shower.

"Putting the kettle on to boil"? More like "putting the kernel on to compile".

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#BOFH excuse #212:

Of course it doesn't work. We've performed a software upgrade.

Two can play at the string interpolation game, my friend, but only one of us is going to win.

Discord: *markdown-formatted messages*
Me: *backslash-escapes asterisks*

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I don't know what "Kubernetes" is and I refuse to learn

*I told a paw to my earpiece*

I'm being told that keeping up on tech trends makes you more employable

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#BOFH excuse #408:

Computers under water due to SYN flooding.

Okay, hivemind.

I need a new battery for my T460 Thinkpad, one of the big ones which is taller than the battery slot is.

I've never really bought batteries on the interwebs before, so I'm unsure where to start (especially given the failure modes of bad lithium batteries).

Any suggestions on where to start? (I'm in the UK, so suppliers in the UK would be ideal.)

(Boosts for reach would be good.)

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A backup a day keeps the data loss away

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