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my greatest fear about ai isn't that it will be perfect and take over. it's that it will continue to be shitty, and propagate its creators' biases, but it will continue to be sold to governments and corporations as a solid black box that always tells the truth, and be treated as a perfect replacement for human judgment

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From birdsite, self-sabotage patterns 

This is rough. Not sure which box I could leave unchecked here ...
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self-sabotage is also

• not asking for help
• rejecting praise
• isolating yourself when hurt
• saying “yes” to everything
• putting your needs on hold
• procrastinating on important tasks
• watching too much news
• trying to be perfect

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Racism is not just an American problem. Europe CREATED the conditions in the Americas. The Americas were colonized by EUROPE. The US is the product of MULTIPLE European empires. EVERY European empire participated in the Atlantic Slave Trade. The wealth of the European Union was acquired THROUGH EMPIRE. That INCLUDES the colonies in the Americas. Europeans don't get to wash their hands of the Americas and the Racism THEY created and STILL perpetuate YES within their own countries too

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Internet of Things, or, What If the People Who Cheat at Online Video Games Could Also Fuck With Your Refrigerator?

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But what if I’m not good enough to have impostor syndrome...?

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Apropos a discussion recently on my timeline: a map of the orbits of every known object in the solar system whose diameter is greater than 10km.

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"For a better historical model to use for how productive we should be in 2020, remember 1522-3, when Michelangelo was hounded by lawsuits, and there was a political takeover crisis, and he was so stressed, he couldn’t concentrate on any kind of art."

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Richard Stallman is indefensible (CW: pedophila, sexism, ableism) 

He says kids can consent to sex, has supported child pornography, has expressed extremely ableist views in general, and consistently makes sexist comments and "jokes" in person.

If you are a techbro and want receipts because you doubt this:

CW: child sexual abuse and dehumanizing ableist speech

My thesis advisor attested to this as well, back when he visited my university. The extreme sexism had people walking out of his guest lecture because it was extremely uncomfortable.

You wanna support the GNU project and the GPL still? Fine whatever that's not what this is about. Just stop pretending this guy is an infallible hero when he's said some terrible shit and call people out for idolizing this shithead, because they are forcing diversity out of the free software community.

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"Hey, look what I found in my garden!"
"What is it?"
"A time capsule! With stuff from ages ago."
"Cool! When was it buried?"
"I know, right?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I don't know how to explain this but this cat represents the mood I've been in since March.

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I do love* how it’s impossible to say or do anything for simple lighthearted fun around here without followup discourse about how actually, there’s this thing that is bad and some other related things are maybe also bad and that means that you’re bad, actually

*I may not actually love this

das fühl, wenn tage auf einmal zu viele stunden haben

The ACM membership management is one of the worst user experiences I had this year. It might be ok if your information never changes and you never want to check it. It’s not ok if the system drags up outdated information from *somewhere* and there’s no way to fix it (or even see it, because who needs that anyway?)

At least other associations have the “not our expertise” excuse.

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