hackathon, covid-19 

my first impressions of the #WirvsVirus hackathon:

* it's scary that ethics doesn't play a huge role in the majority of projects
-> many participants consider to code software that tracks people being infected/that traces infection routes/that shows areas with the highest infection rate (I don't want to see software that tracks people based on illnesses like ever... that just feels icky and messed up and fucking dangerous)
* there's a majority of "let's throw tech at a social problem that cannot be solved with tech but we're doing it anyways" folks
* there's barely a discussion on security (like when you're working with data that includes the health status of someone or, on a more basic level, any personal, non-public, data... that should be a top priority!)
* Makers DIYing critical medical infrastructure without including the safety standards into their scope. "Hold on, have to debug my Arduino" is an appropriate sentence for LED strips, not for vital stuff like respirators.


hackathon, covid-19 

@rachel @eest9 those ideas for tracking applications are also at odds with people being upset that a major provider offered to share location information with the government to aid in finding hotspots.

It’s amazing how privacy concerns disappear when they’re the ones doing the tracking

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