What I accomplished today:
Learned how PostfixAdmin checks passwords.
Figure out that sourceforge adds </form> to a post in their forum for incomplete HTML.
Send a mail to SF about that so they can check if that's a vulnerability.
Switch to old configurations to find a working one.
Learn that Dovecot has an annoying issue in if not run as root.
Figured out how to implement the workaround in NixOS.
Learned that SF considers that added HTML tag sanitization and not a vulnerability.

Once you got used to ' nginx enableACME=true, setting up TLS certificates on any other system is just plain annoying and it's hard to understand why you have to do so much just to get these certificates.

I kind of like the idea of having on my mobile phone and the idea to just build a new image with the simple and reliable way Nix provides. On the other hand, I fear it's probably just going to be yet another mobile OS used only by a handful of people (compared to the big ones) and thus fragmenting the tiny competition even further...

I've setup my own homeserver with . Took about 10 Minutes, to get it up and running.
Just the federation with matrix.org didn't work.
No sensible error anywhere. Any interaction from matrix.org side resulted in a long waiting time and a generic "server busy or you've found a bug" message.
Two hours later it suddenly works.


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