I have just discovered, an Actor implementation for . While there are very many of such, Stakker is *exactly* what I've been looking for and I'm very excited.
BTW, if you love and OoO microprocessor implementation, come work with me Esperanto, post haste! We have full time positions. Reach out for more details, full discretion guaranteed. Please let me know how to reach the right audience.

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@tommythorn i don't know. Everyone got used to using #RustLang because #Rust was also used for a game. In the fediverse though it seems most uses of #Rust is about language.

I checked, and in a private tab, about half the google results is still about the game when you search for rust.

So I tend to use #RustLang or both

@gigantos Thanks for the explanation.
OT: I’m still trying to find full-time devs that enjoy modeling complex hardware.

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