Clean up the web!

Developers, it’s time for you to choose a side: will you help rid the web of privacy-invading tracking or be complicit in it?

#CleanUpTheWeb #FlocOffGoogle

@aral Like the statement. But please consider using another image than the kraken as it is an antisemitic trope

@michakees Hey Michael, I appreciate that the image of an octopus has been historically/even recently used for this purpose but I’m not sure that comparing a multinational corporation to a Giant squid from Norse mythology has the same connotation. That said, do you have any suggestions for alternative metaphors?


@aral @michakees
We fell for the same discussion wit @michakees recently πŸ˜… I'm yet not fully convinced that a kraken is antisemitic under all circumstances, but it looks like the community favours a full ban. Finally we figured out that a predatory raccoon or a greedy hamster with a bag is a even better symbol. You find them already as stock vectors. Our front illustration is even CC.

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