! Join us tonight for @claucece@twitter.com's update on Ola Bini's case. @freeolabini@twitter.com

Join us tonight at @cbase@twitter.com to listen to @qbi@twitter.com telling us about his experience of the raid & how to behave during police raids!

What data does store about its users?

Join us at tomorrow at @cbase@twitter.com in Berlin to listen to @kattascha@twitter.com's talk on this topic!

This talk will be in German (the rest of the event will be in English).

Interested in @ExtinctionR@twitter.com and community-owned free and open source infrastructure?

Join us at Berlin on July 13th and listen to @julian0liver@twitter.com talking about Server Infrastructure for Global Rebellion!

5pm (talks at 8.30pm) @cbase@twitter.com.


The talk & workshop descriptions are online on transcyberien.org/?germany

Join us on July 13th at @cbase@twitter.com!

With @qbi@twitter.com @kattascha@twitter.com @claucece@twitter.com @freeolabini@twitter.com @julian0liver@twitter.com @CryptoPartyBER@twitter.com @jospoortvliet@twitter.com @Nextclouders@twitter.com

We're finally ready to announce the programme!

5pm Workshops: @CryptoPartyBER@twitter.com & @Nextclouders@twitter.com' @jospoortvliet@twitter.com

7pm Barbecue: Bring food & share!

9pm Talks: @qbi@twitter.com, @kattascha@twitter.com, @julian0liver@twitter.com & @freeolabini@twitter.com's @claucece@twitter.com

11pm Lounge & Dancefloor: @_Tasmo@twitter.com & @Barbnerdy@twitter.com

More cyber! Join us on July 13th @cbase@twitter.com for privacy workshops, talks and a great party \o/

Hello Mastodon :) Save the date, we're organizing a new Transcyberian event at c-base on July 13th! More infos soon.


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