in case you’re wondering how i’m doing, i just tried to git rebase to rename a merge commit... rebasing on origin/master

then wondered where the merge commits went. 🦋

dislike how having very good headphones means i can’t hear the doorbell

i *will* reverse engineer that fucking doorbell one of these days 🦋

i can’t believe i worked 8 hours today

oh well, at least working in tech means they’re worth my time even at 100% output 🦋

do you want to know how much data i can pull out of a phone number

(you really don’t)

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i can’t believe people think Signal is “private” when it spews your phone number to anyone in range 🦋

then again i’m sure the public beta is only a few days away, usually following DB2

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might fuck around and try iOS 16 just to mute work notifications 🦋

another time a badly mastered album makes me think my headphones are broken

nope, headphones are fine, i just can’t enjoy that album anymore 🦋

mh kinda negative 

in my adult life i’ve lost 0 traumas and gained another two, just in the past year

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the C in CPTSD might as well stand for “chronic” 🦋

getting NieR:Automata day one PC port vibes over here if you catch my drift

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i’m sure Disco Elysium is a great game but also:

1. why does this game max out my poor Deck’s boost clock

2. i got a game over but the game forgot to actually game-over me so i just had a really weird shader covering the entire screen 🦋

having one of those days where i should probably call in sick because mh----

but that would mean having to find a doctor who isn't an ass, and lol 🦋

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