One of the main reasons we don’t have a truly decentralised internet is actually really simple: it’s the fact that providers globally don’t give us symmetric upload/download speeds and fixed IP addresses at home. Kills decentralisation at the root. 1/2

For me a fixed IP address and symmetric upload/download speeds for domestic internet connections are the forgotten part of #NetNeutrality , killed by brutal „IP“ lobbyism since the 1990s. 2/2

@jwildeboer fixed IP also makes tracking easier. Personally, I'm fine with changing IPs and DynDNS.

@claudius @jwildeboer this is actually not true. You wouldn't need to use the same IP for browsing, just for surfing. For browsing you would use temporary addresses. The static IP would just be there for the services you want to access from the internet.

@tuxflo @jwildeboer honest question: how would I do that? Second IP that's random? VPN? And what's your distinction of surfing and browsing?


@claudius @jwildeboer yes that's what I meant, damn autocorrect

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