My Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300) is stuck in "Android system recovery <3e>". I have the option to an image but have not found a helpful image so far. replicant didn't help and the official stock image did also not help. What file do I need to flash to get a working device again?

I have no fastboot and no heimdall access. The only way to flash something is via zip file in "recovery". The zip files I tried so far return "E:signature verification failed".
My current feeling is that the BOOT partition contains this (stock?) recovery.
How to create firmware update zip files and its verification signature?

@txt_file sorry that it appears your device is broken, but a few tips that came to me while reading this thread. I'm no expert and never owned a S III (only S II), so this is a long shot.

Wiping the cache partition may help; it can contain a boot command to boot into recovery, wiping it deletes that.

The S II contained the android test keys for verifying the recovery signatures. Maybe the S III does too? There were tools on Xda to sign any zip such that stock recovery accepted it.

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