Per popular request we're exploring alternative payment options. Let's assume we keep Paypal and ONLY add #bitcoin as an option, will you use Bitcoin for future purchases?

@PINE64 I am very concerned about the energy expenditures of Bitcoin. During the climate crisis we must conserve energy, and proof-of-work intentionally wastes energy as a fundamental design goal.

E-mail sometimes uses proof-of-work to defeat spam, and I still use e-mail. But I avoid using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum that rely on proof-of-work or similarly wasteful algorithms. There must be better alternatives, like proof-of-stake or Filecoin's proof-of-storage.


@skyfaller the climate argument is kind of wrong. Regular banking also needs huge amounts of energy for all the servers, ATMs, …

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@txt_file Fair point, but I suspect that Bitcoin would use significantly more energy than the traditional banking industry if it were as popular. The Bitcoin network uses a lot of energy for its size:

Regardless, I think the relevant comparison here is between cryptocurrencies. If we are making the effort to switch to cryptocurrency, which has a personal and societal cost, it should be to something that is a clear win for the environment. Bitcoin ain't it.

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