I disrecommend to set "Autosuspend for USB device …" to good if the USB device is a mouse or keyboard.
I just tested this and was very annoying to press a key on my keyboard and nothing happened. Same with the mouse. Pushing her around but nothing happened. Pressing a key 2 seconds later or moving the mouse for more than 2 seconds and everything works as expected but this does not help with the initial annoyance when nothing happens.

Is there an option to exclude something from "powertop --auto-tune"?
I want powertune to set everything to good except for the mouse and keyboard.

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But even with this annoyance "powertop --auto-tune" just went into my /etc/rc.local.

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Also just added "hdparm -B 1 /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd" to /etc/rc.local

Spun down disks are much quieter.

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If you set a powertop optimization manually, powertop shows what it is doing. Just include it into your script to dosable/enable what you want instead the "catch all" oft auto-tune

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