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Hire me! In exchange for currency I'm willing to work for you. Electronics, reverse engineering, graphics design! Fun! Click here and see what I can offer:
(fully GDPR-compliant, 0% cookies, and made with 100% recycled electrons)

Boosts are welcome.

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And this is my all-time favorite on Optimistic Nihilism, the philosophy of Kurzgesagt.

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⚙ So exciting! Look at all those atoms! ⚛

I don't know what these things are called but I roughly know how they work and it was fun to play with! Of course a CFL bulb in my hand lights up thanks to the HF HV electric field.

Good night Fedi :3

Tiny brain: cars

Expanding brain: electric cars

Galaxy brain: no cars

fake news vaccine 

Climate collapse, Fermi paradox 

@uint8_t TIL: Venus has 100 times more deuterium mixed into its hydrogen than Earth. This is strong evidence for an ocean that boiled away, and it was measured by one of our probes before they died.

fuck all police but extremely fuck the BART police

This could make an awesome AND terrifying science-fiction story.

I wonder if it's possible that an artificial satellite orbiting Venus would have remained invisible to this day. If it has a small enough radar cross-section and stable orbit...

I wish I would know more astronomy.

/cc @anne

No flash, only DRAM!

When developing open firmware like coreboot and LinuxBoot, or doing research into early boot security, you end up waiting all the time on the SPI flash chips erase and write cycles. spispy replaces the slow flash with an open source FPGA and DRAM controller for instant updates.

Climate collapse, Fermi paradox 

I love my life and I love my girlfriends. I didn't think my life could be this good, that I was doomed to feel like something was wrong with me forever.

1 boost = 1 HRT

Pic is 3 very gay hands holding eachother.

I hate Facebook as much as the next person, but the largest strike wave in recent American history was organized entirely on Facebook.

You have to use the tools you have to reach people where they're at and help them move to where they need to be. That's what organizing *is*.

First class cars on an otherwise full train is a crime against society.

Democracy is a lot like ecosystems. People take them for granted. We can often think that they're is resilient enough to protect themselves.
They're also hard to grasp and quantify. And there are circumstances in which they just destroy themselves.


I had to notice that it runs quite warm, 70 degrees Celsius according to the thermal camera. That's a temperature rise of 45 K over ambient.

I hope it will work as expected, and help me be more productive while I'm travelling.

For circuit design and layouting I really need two screens; especially with the shitty 1366x768 resolution thinkpad... Maybe I should do the fullHD mod.

I took it apart and now I know; it uses the LM2576, so from USB it runs at near 100% duty cycle which it really didn't like. It is probably intended to run from 12-14V.

It only had 20uF input capacitor, which is not enough with 5-ish volts coming out from USB (meaning higher current for the same power) so I added 200uF extra, and now it runs stable! I can either power it from my laptop or from a power bank.

I'll share a photo of it later in action.

A while ago I found a tiny (7"?) display in Elen's old room, which I used since then when I needed to look at misbehaving servers, very useful.

I thought it would be nice to use it as a secondary monitor with my laptop, but it didn't run well when powered from USB. Since it lacks any kind of documentation or part number, I had no idea what the "DC in" port really means...

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