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Hire me! In exchange for currency I'm willing to work for you. Electronics, reverse engineering, graphics design! Fun! Click here and see what I can offer:
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Boosts are welcome.

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And this is my all-time favorite on Optimistic Nihilism, the philosophy of Kurzgesagt.

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casually recompiling freecad because the last installed version crashes when trying advanced functions like the "open file" dialog

@wintgenstein I heard you like postmodernism so I made a simulacrum of a simulacrum and then abstracted that 16 times in a way that if you look at it from the right angle on a Thursday night and it's raining outside it's a scathing critique of the neoliberal hellscape we live in

I'm giving away my badge - unused, not assembled and just collecting dust here.

If you are interested reply or PM me - You should be at to pick it up.

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@lynnesbian what is it with capitalists and making everything a competition why is it always about fighting and never about being together and helping each other

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🦠 microbes ♥️ 

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I wonder if part of this is the general stigma about bodily functions people in civilization tend to have

I mean, everybody poops, but no one wants to talk about it

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@dankwraith @garfiald Oh geez, I'm adding feyerabend to my reading list I guess. This is such an interesting take.

@dankwraith @Dayglochainsaw @garfiald I think it's useful to distinguish between science and ideological science-worship.

Ultimately "reason" and "logic" are aesthetic senses. When you hear a logical statement, you can sense that it is logical in the same way that you can sense a drawing is beautiful.

It has always been the case that religions and ideologies try to appeal to this basic sense as justification, by pushing scientific theories that support the ideology and suppressing theories that contradict

aaaand the recording of yesterday's set is up on

Additionally. I placed the track listing of each mix in a file called tracklist[0-9]*.txt so you can know what songs are in each mix.

Regular PSA on IT/Eng/Ops burnout (long) 

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